5-year-old girl thrills the Canadian space agency




Juliet Munn-Lenz from Grande Prairie has dropped the jaw of the Canadian Space Agency. The agency has recently shared a video of her on its Facebook page and commented that she had an “impressive resume”.

She is just 5-year-old, but her age is just a number. She has already activated the interest of officials at the Canadian Space Agency.

Juliet has a dream to become an astronaut and says, “I feel like it’s the best job ever.”

“I realized I liked space because when I first found space, it looked pretty good for me to work at it. I’m going to be a doctor after I go to school.”

The Space Agency after sharing her video on its Facebook page commented that, “Thanks for sending us your impressive resume Juliet! Dream big and reach for the stars.”

Juliet aims at becoming an astronaut by the time she turns 24. She says, “I want to because then I could be the youngest person in space, the first person on Mars, the first people to go in outer solar systems and meet aliens.”

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