United Airlines Leggings News Sparks Storm On Social Media

United Airline bans leggings
United Airline bans leggings
US airline United Airlines sparked a storm on social networks by preventing two girls from boarding a flight to Denver, Colorado on Sunday because they were wearing leggings.

After agreeing to change, a third girl who also wore leggings was allowed to take this flight from Denver International Airport to Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The incident was reported in real time on Twitter by Shannon Watts, founder of a gun control group, Moms Demand Action. This activist was in the airport and was waiting to board a flight to Mexico City.

“She forces them to change or put on dresses over their leggings or they can not embark,” she wrote, referring to the employee of the company who gave these instructions. “How long has United Airlines regulated women’s clothing?”
Then, describing one of the girls concerned, she tweeted: “A girl of 10 years in gray leggings, she looks normal and correct.”

But United Airlines confirmed her employee’s decision and supported it in a series of tweets.

Subsequently, United explained that the girls who had been blocked at the boarding gate were “pass riders”, people traveling for free or at very reduced rates because they were employees of the company or relatives.

This privilege is accompanied by special rules, especially clothing.

“Our regular passengers will not be denied boarding because they are wearing leggings or yoga pants,” a Washington Post spokeswoman said.

“But passengers traveling as a passenger pass must follow the rules,” and the prohibition of leggings “is one of those rules,” he said.

These details did not prevent a tsunami of mockery against United Airlines on social networks, many denouncing a sexist and intrusive interference.

“Leggings are a common outfit for 10-year-old girls. They are children, “tweeted actress Patricia Arquette.

The model Chrissy Teigen contributed to the debate: “I have already traveled on United literally without bottom clothes. Only a long top serving as a dress. Next time I’ll put on a pair of jeans and a scarf. ”

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