Canada Post Strike Update: Your Comments

With MPs still debating Back-to-work legislation for postal workers, many Canadians are fed up with the ongoing postal strike.

Here are just a few of the comments we’ve received.

I am so tired of all the union B.S!! Petty Petty Petty. It amazes me as to how naive these unions are! DO THEY REALLY THINK THEIR DEMANDS WILL ALWAYS BE MET WITH NO CAP….. EVER!!! They’re friggin NUTS if they do!
Anyway, what gets my dander up about this situation is now it’s costing me money and putting my company in jeopardy!! People say find other alternatives to Canada Post. Ok….so I tell my customers to tell their customers to tell their customers to TELL THIER CUSTOMERS and so on and so on…….to stop using Canada Post!!!? How realistic is this!!?
Have Puralator or UPS deliver the cheques. Ok Great…no problem. However, when my customers aren’t receiving cheques from down the line, then they aren’t WRITING cheques to me. This is a huge friggin problem. I can go without pay….no problem. It’s the sacrifice an owner has to face. What do I do to help my 30 employees!? While these union reps are fighting over a dollar or two……what about those that are loosing ALL of their dollars and their careers!!! Why should my loyal workers be made to sacrifice their lives and income for union greed that they have no part in!!!
Don’t get me wrong….I believe every worker deserves what’s fair. Treat your workers well and they will be loyal for years to come. However, I think its time that Canada Post find a way to BUST this union and start over, because this Union has CLEARLY lost it’s mind!! – Chris

I can’t even work because my immigration papers ARE HUNG UP IN THE MAIL!!! And i can’t go see my dying mother because my IMMIGRATION PAPERWORK IS HUNG UP IN THE MAIL. If welfare checks are being sent, then my paperwork should be, and all the other mail! I would love to have a job right now! – Wendy M Rodford

I have said it once before and I will say it again, I have a daughter with high medical needs , she is all there in mind and is a beautiful little girl who suffers from something like MS. She needs to stay on her medications and needs certain supplies on a regular basis, the only way I can get her order is Canada post which I ordered just before the strike! I do not have that kind of money to reorder and figure something out and she needs her meds that are specific for her formula, this could be a life and death situation for her as she needs them. Its hurting small businesses and people need their checks to live off of! If I were a postal worker I begin to strike against union to go back to work, and if I were Harper I would take the wages increase for the time being to pay back all the damages done to those businesses that have suffered and people who have been affected by this in a harmful manner! It is unfair to those who are innocent! What I got paid and the work I did in longterm care before my daughter was born deserves increased wages and better benefits, now I have no income other than my spouses which caused us to loose alot including our home, no job because I tend to my daughters needs 24 – 7, lost our son last year to a viral that attacked his heart and then the economy has to suffer over something petty like this affecting us all in different ways. and the Union locks down for what they already get in good wages, they get paid well! There are many people who would be gratefful for that kind of income! If its so bad there then go work in a hospital where you put your life at risk everyday with patients who hit, or may have HIV and spit in you eyes , deal with body fliuds , work 12 hours rotation shifts and extra hours because of shortage and work overload,help carefully lift 260 pounds,take on family concerns and the liabilities of peoples lives, or how about labour jobs! But do your job with heart because those are still people!I say this is petty very petty and I use to support NDP but they have made themselves look no better than the rest of them!My son died from a viral pneumonia last year, this year I did not get my daughters meds in time because it took a little bit longer, she ended up with a viral pneumonia and a collapsed lung! She is only three years and my son was only 3 months when he passed! Its not fair that a child or anyone should suffer so much over the greed! Lead not into temptation! LL

single mom of two.
I also have time sensitive documents. I understand the need to protest your rights but it is frustrating that it is at the expense of us canadians and not the two companies in a dispute. MY children are suffering, I am suffering and many others are suffering due to this, who knows when these cheques will get here now I have 4 waiting somewhere. I think there could have been a better way – Melissa

no one is supporting the Union as they made it look like they are the victims in this whole ordeal. I also have lost sales in my small business and it makes me sick to see that idiot Union Leader in the photos stand up there with a smug look on his face. I agree with everyone and these workers should have been fired from the start when the rotational strike first started. I would have fired everyone that had striked and rehired new people that way it would have set a precedent to the union to think that if they chose to strike they would have lost their jobs. There was no contract so what would have stopped them. Something Canada Post should have thought about at the time. Nick Cresta

I don’t agree with the postal strike, it’s selfish, unecessary, immature and I can say that with Canada’s high unemployment rate lets replace those who are in agreement with it, lets see they don’t have benefits, they dont have pensions, and why because Canada hit a recession so they’ve lost jobs, and no matter how much people say work is out there isn’t, so why these poeple are on EI Canada post forces them to suffer more there cheques aren’t coming in the male their children suffer, so lets may it’s time for the employess of Canada Post to suffer, i’m proud of our government for stepping in because it doesn’t just effect our smaller businesses it effects our larger corporations as well, they rely on Canada Post to deliver cheques to receive invoices, packages and other mail, so put them back to work already!!! – MGS

I am a small business owner and this strike/lockout is killing me. I can’t use other services to ship my orders because the cost is simply too high. Since this whole strike/lock out has happened I have lost loads of business. As much as I hate to rely on Canada Post, I do. I wonder if Jack Layton actually considered small business (or just paid lip service to our cause) when he decided to oppose the return to work for postal workers. NDP will certainly never get my vote in the future.
In any event, I know that there are many small businesses that are hurting and I am sure the effect that this is having on Canada’s economy as a whole is massive. In regards to some of the comments above, I am not sure why people are attacking others for having an opinion. I wouldn’t expect or tolerate that kind of attitude from my 2 year old daughter. Be nice people, karma will bite you in the arse otherwise. – Paige

Ok so this is what I got to say…I wonder if each one of the opposition reps have consulted with their local constituents and asked them what they wanted. Isn’t that democracy? Right now as always when I started to slightly follow politics they just oppose to everything the conservatives say. I used to like Layton (even voted for the guy) but now I see him as nothing more than a trouble maker and unsatisfied person. And I said that as politely as possible. – CS

Canada Post Strike Update: Your Comments

Canada Post Strike Update: Your Comments


  1. Maureen Viana says:

    I run a Dental office that accepts cheques from the insurance company so people like these postal workers don’t have to pay up front for there dental work-and now I can’t get these cheques! How am I suppose to pay my staff???

    • Pat says:

      The insurance company I work for is using FedEx to get cheques to Dentists.

      • Brad McDonald says:

        Thats great your insurance company is thinking ahead but 4 big ones that make up 50% of our revenue refused to send us our cheques even if we paid the courier for them. I feel bad for the workers but if this continues it affects our suppliers and staff who have nothing to do with this. If you want to have a monopoly you should not have the right to strike. Sorry. I second Maureens comment.

      • M says:

        Not all insurance companies are as reasonable as yours…most are holding the cheques until this mess is over with. We still have staff to pay and payments coming out with no income!! And bank to bank transfer is good but not all banks are on board with that either. I’m with Brad and Maureen.

    • Michelle Gionet says:

      My family was expecting a few travel grant cheques for medical reasons, they are stuck somewhere now in the postal system.
      These cheques were supposed to get us through the month as part of our tight monthly budget. This postal disruption has caused alot of stress in our household of 6. I am sure I am not alone.

      • JV says:

        haven’t you heard of bank to bank transfer?

        • John Gordon says:

          Not everyone is able to afford that. Many small businesses move money via CP. And even big businesses don’t bother using bank-to-bank, as it’s much cheaper to just do a manual cheque. I know this first hand.

    • Enter your name...Bill says:

      They wouldn’t be your customers if they didn’t have dental coverage in the collecive agreement . Why not post the name of your office and see how many if “these people” return to you .

    • Christina says:

      Think lady. Canada post locked out its employees grab a brain before you write something.

    • janice says:

      don’t do assigment. my dentist makes me pay up front but submits the claim edi and I get the reimbursement.

  2. hep says:

    What are we supposed to do in these days when important documents from Immigration offices are in transit and held up in someplace because of the strike?? Who is taking responsibility in this case??

    • so_detroit says:

      You guys realize that it is a government and corporation LOCKOUT right? You would have received all of your important documents had the corporation not locked the doors on the union.

      • WHR says:

        The government locked them out to prevent their rotating strikes from disrupting the postal service. You realize that you got it bass ackwards, right?

        35,000,000 canadians > 50000 unionized crybabies.

        I am so glad i didn’t vote NDP, and as a small business, I never will vote NDP, the party for entitled union parasites.

      • To So detroit says:

        Rotating strikes left uncertainty. People stopped mailing thier documents because they didn’t know if they would make it to the ultimate destination – ergo the loss of $100 Million in revenue. So when employees arrived at their work, there wasn’t much for them to do but they sitll had to be paid – a double whammny. CPC had no choice but treat the rotating strikes for what they were – a real strike. I drive by a few postal outlets, there is maybe one or two people standing around – you don’t have the support of your own members – a union is supposed to represent the majority of its members not just a select few renegades.

      • Mike P says:

        YOU realize that the corporation would not have locked the union out if they had not been losing millions in revenue due to the rotating STRIKES right? What kind of idiot would expect any company to continue to pay wages when its employees are not creating revenue?

      • Crystal says:

        Unfortunely Canada Post had no choice but to do a lockout, they couldn’t allow the Union to continue to hold the corporation hostage with their demands. They where losing money since most customeers either switched to online billing or shipping through courier because of the possibility of the Union going on full strike and there was no incentive to force the Union to push negotiations forward, the rotating strike was basically like a vacation for them (excluding the workers of course, whose paycheques where being affected because of the cut hours and staff cuts the rotating strike resulted in).

      • Lamb says:

        The workers voted to strike so in the end it was their decision. I think that the postal service should be considered and essential service because of all the people that effects. It should be treated like a strike vote in health care… if they vote to strike they should get immediately mandated back to work with minimum staffing levels.

  3. RH says:

    Enough already ! Canada Post and employees are being paid to do a job. If they cant, then let’s get a commpany who can ! Enough of the Union bullshit ! If I dont do my job ther are 1000 people lining up to do it for half the money ! Let’s get the Iron Lady – Margaret Thatcher to rectify this now !

    • GQ says:

      Sadly, poor old thatch has alzheimers, but I expect she could still get this sorted (unlike the mail)

    • FLung says:

      Hae you done the job before? If you haven’t done the job, then quit harping. It’s quite easy to comment on somethng. I bet I could do your job with one arm behnd my back with my eyes closed and do it in half the time. How would you feel if someone said that remark?

      • Jerry W says:

        Hi Flung there is a reason why people get on postal workers. They are lazy, over-paid boors. Check this out. This comment was made by a postal worker and posted on CBC:

        I worked at Canada Post every Christmas for 7 years. When I started I got in trouble for working too hard. I was sorting too much mail. I also got in trouble for sorting mail, after the buzzer announcing our break had gone. Silly me, I thought I would finish sorting the letters I had in my hand. The union rep reported me to my supervisor, who told me I had to work slower. I was only allowed to sort 4 boxes of letters per shift. I slowed down as much as I could but still sorted all 4 boxes before the end of my shift, so for 7 years when I finished sorting 4 boxes I went to play ring hockey with other employees in Gateway. It was the highest paying part-time job I ever had.

    • Kim says:

      I would love nothing more then to do my job, I believe if I were to try that, it is called “trespassing” and I would be charged. I also know for a fact that when Canada Post told the public there was little mail coming through that was a crock, I wish I could show you the containers sitting in there with YOUR mail held up inside!!! Why do people keep insisting I am a whining postal worker paid by “your tax dollars” and need a government to “order my ass back to work”. Absolutely no one has to order me back to work, I love my job, I love my walk and love my customers, whom by the way also love seeing me each day in what ever the weather. But what I do need is an order my the dam government that I just happened to vote in (Big mistake) to order Canada Post to opened the bloody door……I don’t have a key, but if I did you and my fellow workers would certainly be delivering your mail. And God help you when you have 30 years into a company one day and they want to pull the plug on you, I hope you or your kids never have to know what it feels like to give your blood, sweat and tears all those years only to have the door slammed in your face, warning if it can happen to us it can certainly happen to you next!!! Why is no one screaming at Canada Post for closing the door in the first place!!!

  4. Jeff says:

    I don’t know how the postal workers unions would believe they have any of the public on their side. They have stopped mail service for everyone, disrupting the country’s economy. Then they think it’s a huge surprise when the government has to step in and legislate them back to work. I’ve also seen that they have stopped work 20 times in ~45 years. How do they ever expect to be taken seriously.

    Also, increasing the costs of sending thing doesn’t encourage people to send more things, it drives them away, they’ll just find a way to send it electronically if at all possible.

    • Blair says:

      What I dont get is I went to drop a broken phone to the post office the other day so that I do not get charged the fee from the company that replaced my phone. I get in there and the lady tells me that they are not taking any mail in at all while the strike is in place… I ask this question, why the hell are the post offices even open if they are not there to take the mail that people have to send out, if thats the case then close them down and maybe they will see what we have to go through. I do know one thing, if I do get charged the $300.00 fee for my phone not being there in time because i cant mail back what they want in the envelope the company provided me the I will be not happy, I can barely afford to live now with the cost of things going on……..I dont need this added friggen head ache as well.

    • so_detroit says:

      The postal workers rotating strikes were not disrupting the country’s economy. The country’s economy has been disrupted by the corporation locking the doors on the employees. They did so knowing the conservative government had their back and have done nothing in terms of negotiating since the doors have been locked. Canadians have to realize how the conservative government and canada post are painting the workers as greedy, when, while making profits and being no burden on the tax payer, are forcing workers to take concessions when the higher ups are getting record bonuses.
      I normally hate unions, especially how they spend to much of their resources on protecting the lazy and worthless. But, unfortunately the government has gone too far this time in itss exploits of the middle class.

      • Mike P says:

        You apparently are comfortable stating as fact, ideas that have little or no evidence to prove them correct. Of course the rotating strikes were affecting the economy. Canada Post lost approximately 50% of its revenues during those strikes, due mostly to a total loss of consumer confidence. It would have been irresponsible of the directors of Canada Post to continue operations under those circumstances.

      • Jen says:

        What planet are you on thinking that the rotating strikes didn’t affect the economy.
        I make a living selling online. My sales dropped to almost nothing once the rotating strikes started. Why?? Buyers didn’t want to risk their purchases being stuck if a full strike happened or a lockout.
        Check out the online sellers community, and look at all the sellers and buyers that have lost money during the rotating strikes.
        Right now all that I care about is the postal workes get back to work. I can not afford another week of no mail service. If this keeps up I will end up on social assistance.

    • JV says:

      To Jeff: It is not the postal workers and the union who stopped mail services for everyone. Canada Post issued a lockout of the striking workers, after a couple of days on rotating strike. The rotating strike was to help get the mails moving (slowly, couple of days delay), but Canada Post wanted to prove to the public that it’s all the workers/union fault. It was Canada Post who disrupted the economy.

      • pissed off says:

        you say only a couple of days delay on mail is how it is well do you even use canada post try month or two delay and if the workers had any self pride they would get the mail moving again get people there medicine and do there bloody jobs

    • Kelly says:

      I stopped reading your comments after you said that the Canada Post employees stopped deliverying the mail. The Corporation LOCKED OUT the employees. Get your facts straight!!!

      • Alex says:

        Trying to understand…so Canada Post locked out their employees…sounds like Canada Post fault ? But didn’t they lock them out because Union is not accepting Canada Post offer ? And finally doesn’t the Union represent Canada Post employees ? If so, circle got closed….Canada Post locked out their Employees because Employees (represented by Union) wouldn’t accept the terms of the offer coming from Canada Post…so who’s fault that they are locked out ?

      • Rahul Sharma says:

        Its obvious ur a union troll and let me get ur facts straight JACK! U fired the 1st shot—DID U NOT! So suck it up sore looser…If u can’t do ur job QUIT…I forgot u can’t cuz u can’t do anything else and ur IQ < 1!

    • Rocco says:

      Postal Workers didn’t stop the mail. Their employers did.

  5. Rahul Sharma says:

    Earth to Jack Layotn—> ur arrogance will haunt u in the next election. Just cuz u won few seats u think ur the king of the world…my business is hurting…ur over inflated ego is destroying my business. U WILL be punished in the next election like the Liberals were punished…

  6. MT says:

    Here’s an idea for the postal workers.

    If you don’t like your benefits and pay – quit and go find another job more to your liking.

  7. GR says:

    I wrote my nursing exam and should have got the results this week. They are on a desk in an office in Toronto waiting for the dispute to end. I have a job offer but need the results to start. As a new grad rpn, my starting wage is $20 ph not much more than the postal workers are asking for! After years of school, annual registration fees and professional insurance to pay for, maybe I should have become a mailman instead. Less responsibility involved and minimal human misery to witness.

  8. UGTH says:

    Union suppose protect their follow workers, but nowadays almost all unions turn into a greedy monster no different from a group of gangsters, this had to be stopped and the government shall take back those unions over-given power, this is a free country and you can choose just to quit the job and give chance to others, but you cannot be so selfish to hold a job on hands and ask for some unrealistic, and just hold everyone up as bargain, while a lot of people out of job who with way better qualifications and working attitude. This is surely a low life form of act and should be cleaned from the surface of the earth. I suggest the government should be tougher on the union, and if possible bring them down and save the planet, please do something good to human.

  9. Bill says:

    Are we supposed to feel sorry for Postal workers getting paid, what, $20 or $30 an hour for what sorting and delivering mail. Attention: If you don’t like your job or your pay, get off your ass and get a new job. You could train a monkey to sort and deliver mail.

    • susie says:

      Well said! sick and tire of people getting an education and not get paid what they are worth compared to over paid large corporation union workers who were lucky enough to land a cushy job and no education!

    • Rocco says:

      But a monkey won’t walk in +30 heat or -15 with 15 cm of snow and 35lbs over their shoulders for kms and kms.

  10. jim says:

    Being a federal employee that has been legislated back to work before a strike could happen and told what percentage of a pay hike we would get, plus the fact that we lost our severence pay, why do Canada Post employees expect anything different? They are an essential service, get back to work.

  11. JJ says:

    These greedy unions make me so angry! They are lucky to have a job at all! People need to realize that unions are the reason so many jobs have gone overseas completely. The cost is too high. If you need a union to keep your job and get pay increases, you are obviously not be that good at what you do! Those of us who are not in a union work HARD for our good reputations and are rewarded based on MERIT. That’s how it SHOULD BE…not by holding companies and the Canadian public HOSTAGE because you want MORE MORE MORE. You don’t like the pay and benefits of your cushy union job? Then QUIT and find something better like the rest of us! UNIONS reward the lazy and weak who think others OWE them a living.

  12. Joanna says:

    The way the debate is going in the Parliament right now, we are all facing a prolonged delay in restoring mail services. NDP members are serious and will debate the bill for days. Does anyone have an idea how to organize public into full blown demonstrations across Canada in support of Conservatives and their back to work legislation? Pointless enting on blogs won’t change NDP attitude. As a “third party” in this conflict, we need to be more forceful.

    • Kim says:

      Please tell Canada Post to open the doors let us go back to work, give us the old contract back and let them hash it out even if it takes 2 years like the Toronto Police did, at least we would be working and people would get their mail………things didn’t really start to sour until this company shut it’s doors so the government would get involved, open the doors let us DELIVER all that mail sitting there deal with the ongoing negotiations and leave us be to do our job!!!

  13. Hans Krupp says:

    Here is a suggestion:
    Order the postal employees back to work within 48 hours.
    Start laying of those who don’t report back to work.
    As remembered, the U.S. FAA controller strike and layoffs.

    Or the Boeing strike. That all seems to work.


  14. Maureen says:

    I just don’t understand what Jack Layton and the NDP are up to. Totally senseless. And the Union at Canada Post are out of their total minds! If they think that Canada backs them, they must be not thinking with their brains.

    • Pat says:

      Greed drives people to demand more. They should count themselves lucky to have a job with such great perks. I have no retirement plans, benefits that pay only 80%, only 3 sick days per year, 10 days holidays. It is what it is folks. I’m happy and don’t dwell on what should have been. That’s all in the past. Smile and enjoy what you have, a job 🙂 Let’s get back to business Canada Post

  15. Jojo B from BC says:

    I can understand how one could feel that they deserve more wages and perks, etc. yet it is very unrealistic in these economic times to ask for more when Canada Post employees already get paid more than the working folks in BC. To Canada Post Strikers – YOU JUST SHOT YOURSELVES IN THE FEET, PEOPLE – Our company used to do a lot of business with you but because you have forced us to find an alternative route we now have changed the way we receive our payments, send our invoices and how we deal with correspondence in general. So, you see, you will not be getting more money because you are causing Canada Post Corp. major financial losses as well as future business. GO ahead, strike again, cuz we don’t need you anymore. Go find yourselves other work (of which will most likely never pay you what you have now) and enjoy your lives, because I can see a whole string of you getting “laid off” after this. You just sund the ship, folks. You FORCED us to find an alternative, and guess what…WE DID!! And you know what’s best about all that, it is costing our business less to operate this way, so thanks for saving us money and time!! Viva la electonica!
    You have disrupted many people’s lives and they will always remember that.
    You better throw in the towel soon before there is no point of return…SAVE YOURSELVES WHILE YOU CAN, CANADA POST, BECAUSE IT AIN’T LOOKING PRETTY FOR YOU IN THE FUTURE.

    Good luck.

  16. Crystal says:

    My issue with the mail being stopped is actually selfish… but could end up ruining a very special day for me. I am getting married in August and to save money (we’re doing the wedding on an EXTREMELY tight budget) I ordered my dress from overseas. It arrived on Canadian soil the day before the lockout began, and now is sitting somewhere in a sorting warehouse. Will I get my dress in time? And my bouquets for that matter which (again to save money) were coming from Florida? As it stands now I could end up at my wedding day with no dress, no flowers and everything else paid for! I can’t move the wedding day because all of our deposits are down for the hall and food, and I don’t have enough wedding money left to buy another dress or more flowers! And mine is just a tiny issue compared to what small business owners and others are facing right now! I am sick and tired of hearing “well CPC locked out the workers, this isn’t CUPW’s fault” BULL CRAP!!! CPC locked the workers out because CUPW forced them into it!!! This has nothing to do with what the union is TELLING the postal workers they are striking for… the union doesn’t want to see the starting wage lowered because it could mean millions of dollars a year that don’t go into UNION pockets. The strike was about greed, nothing more. Good on CPC for locking the greedy buggers out (although I wish they would have waited a week!), and good on Harper for coming down hard on the union, they’re the greedy whining ones in this dispute!!!

  17. Marta says:

    Some institutions have found alternatives: the Registrar General sends out birth or marriage certificates with Canpar. But Revenue Canada sticks to Canada Post and my documents have been somewhere in the postal system for three weeks now. I looked for other options to mail small letters but Canpar or Fedex are not geared for individual customers and one letter in Canada is around $24 while a letter I really need to send to Greece would cost me $120 (sic!) with Fedex and $75 with UPS. I did my homework and I have no choice but to cry and wait…
    And when you think that it was the management who locked out the employees who were actually working but in limited hours, you see how the big bosses succeeded in turning people’s anger against the employees. Again the ones in the lose are the regular employees and regular customers. The bosses and polititians sit there and laugh at us because they can afford having their mail delivered for any price.

  18. essa says:

    this is very bad my passport was stulk in toronto for almost 2 weeks and because of that i canceled my trip vacation to europ which cost me about 7000 $cad, I called many times canada post to help to get my passport back but no response only said sorry they cant help, i doint know what to do i need my passport back , if any one can help, Please do so.

    • steve says:

      passport canada hasnt sent out anything with canada post since the rotating strikes started. i picked them up daily before that. they were using third party so this one is not the unions fault so suck it up buttercup and call passport canada you whiner

  19. Jennifer says:

    I’m 6 days away from being homeless ’cause my paperwork for my paperwork for my subsidy is wrapped up in the mail, how do I explain this to my child?

    • Rob says:

      We’ve only been out a week and a bit. What kind of mess did you get yourself into? I lived in a housing co-op for ten years and it took time for things to get that stupid.

  20. sz says:

    I dont give a s**t if those a-holes at the union want to strike, they can strike for the next 30 years for all I care. Just tell me where i can go pick up my mail!!! And here is to all the idiots that voted for the NDP and Layton! Yeah they’re really doing a lot for Canada and its people right now!!

  21. K K says:

    what few people know…canada post has retail outlets owned by small business people…they pay a ridiculously low wage. I used to own a small retail outlet within my restaurant and i earned approx $1.85 / hr from canada post AND I did the SAME job as those corporate postal outlet employees earrning $18 + /hr…same size post office, same job…except MY job was more time consuming due to the paperwork and no computer system. PRIVATIZE canada post. There is NO NEED for them to earn that wage for what they do, but on the flip side, the retail outlets should receive a fair wage.

  22. Kristina says:

    As a small business owner who works at a different site daily and gets paid by cheque via Canada Post, my business is in trouble. My clients are not getting paid, therefore I am not getting paid. Most people who are paid by direct deposit don’t fully understand the repercussions of those of us who get paid via mail. I don’t know who decided that people accepting socio-economic assistance were entitled to their cheques but the rest of us small business owners who rely on Canada Post to deliver our cheques were exempt. I have not received one cheque since the start of June and yet I am required to pay all by bills & expenses on time. HOW? As a single mother with 2 children, I am finding it extremely difficult to get by day by day as we approach almost a month of no mail. I work hard for my money and I pay my taxes, and yet the people receiving assistance are a priority. Are we not all equal? I want my cheques!

  23. Andy says:

    Enough! I admire the boldness of the union, who believes that the whole nation MUST suffer in order to prop up overfed individuals, who spend more time on sick leave than anyone in the country, who have the longest vacation ever and want even more! There are thousands of people who will do this work for less money not to mention the same money! And lets not forget this particular job DOES NOT REQUIRE years of training, college or even a high school! Any suggestions?

    • Rob says:

      I don’t admire your biased ignorance. Overfed individuals? More time on sick leave than anyone in the country?? Longest vacation ever and want more??? Please, you make us sound like politicians.

  24. Flung says:

    It’s amazing how a lot of Canadian residents object to the Canada Post STRIKE. Twitter, Facebook, even the media has the average Canadian think of this as a strike. However this is a LOCK OUT.

    A strike is when you refuse to eat the meals that your mother made for however long it takes to make your point. A lock out would be having your mother change the locks in the house while you were out. When you return home, you can’t get in.

    CUPW started with rotational strikes which only delayed the mail by a day, 2 days max because other post offices within the country were still operating. The everyday resident would have still have postal service available in areas that were not on strike. CPC declared to the public that due to the reduced workload, mail ACROSS CANADA would be delivered only THREE DAYS A WEEK; that was declared by Management.

    On the morning of Tuesday, June 14th, 2011 able bodied letter carriers who deliver your mail showed up to work and were told to go home because no work was available. If no work was available, then why were inside workers still processing mail? The rotational strike was still occuring, but at 8pm of the same day, Management told workers to exit the building because they were told that they were to be LOCKED OUT.

    CUPW even offered to remove the ROTATIONAL STRIKE on the condition of the reintegration of the old collective bargaining agreement, CPC refused. At every offer CUPW has made, CPC refused while awaiting intervention from the Conservative Government.

    So while your mail is held hostage consider these things.

    CPC has made a profit for more than a decade and has returned the profit to the government of Canada.

    CPC also made a record profit of 218 million dollars last year when things were difficult for the average Canadian business to make a profit.

    Management gets two bonuses. One is for the overall company profit bonus, while the second bonus is a personal bonus from the work that is made off from the employees.

    So tell me something. If you worked your hiney off and you sweat, ache, bleed, thirst, and return home tired for your pay, how would you react to your boss getting a bonus from your work? How about two bonuses whereas they can go on a cruise? How about the CEO making more money than the Prime Minister of Canada?

    So the rights of these workers who you don’t care about may be moot. The fact is if you don’t have these rights, shouldn’t you be doing something about it so that you can have what they have? Don’t you want to have what they have instead of having them get what you have?

    • Trish says:

      Dear Flung,
      So where do I sign up for these jobs? I thought Canada operates on a free market model. Last time I checked; if anyone held an employers profitability (or his customers) hostage; would be sent down the road. CPC has a right to say NO! Rotating strikes or not….the CUPW should not disrupt the service at all.Anyone who is worried or irritated by what “the boss” earns; should try to walk in their shoes! CUPW and CPC need to get over the “them and us” mentality and work together to solve the issues in a timely manner, before the contracts expire. I agree with the Conservative’s approach. If you two can’t make nice….we the Canadian people will insist that you work together,contract or not the postal service is important to us. If the NDP decide to delay the entire process it just solidifies what the Canadian taxpayers said during the last election. Keep Canada working!!!! Look at the “big picture” folks

    • anti-strike says:

      for your information…
      the union did the rotating strike first….
      also…. if you are the management of a company, would you be happy about when each department in your company takes term striking.. Canada Post make another offer to the union..union choose not to accept it…..
      who is the real Loser here? Us… Canadian….
      who is the party who is actively seeking support of the public—> Union
      Who is losing money,job and time —-> us
      who is making 19 bucks an hour? —> postal worker
      is that a life threatening job? No
      is that a job require extensive education? No
      is that a job physicial demanding? Maybe, but compare to construction worker, firefighter, miner and police… i don’t think it is anything at all

    • AngieMontreal says:

      Umm… you just described the situation at every single company I’ve ever worked for…except all my bosses also had Porsches…and the raises I got were never more than the standard cost of living raise legislated by the government for all companies(nor did most of my co-workers) I believe most people call this “real life”…

      That being said, most “bosses” hold WAY more responsibility than an average employee, have probably spent years getting degrees, they’ve worked to get the position they’re in…and yes, they will get more than you! They will also get in WAY more trouble when things go wrong…it’s kind of just the way things work.

      – from a currently self-employed extremely small business owner whose life is being ruined by this strike

    • Lisa says:

      Oh please, like there aren’t millions of other CEO’s who make more money than they should! Life is unfair – get over it! This whole situation is idiotic. There shouldn’t have been rotating strikes to begin with – if the two sides can’t agree on a new collective agreement in a certain timeframe, it should automatically go to arbitration. Canadians’ mail service shouldn’t be ‘held hostage’. From Wikipedia:

      On October 16, 1981, the Federal Parliament passed the “Canada Post Corporation Act”[1], which transformed Canada Post into a Crown corporation to create the Canada Post Corporation (CPC). The legislation also includes a measure that legally guarantees basic postal service to all Canadians. It stipulates that all Canadians have the right to expect mail delivery, regardless of where they live.

    • pissed off says:

      you say how would i like it if my employer profited from my hard work well, jack ass my boss does profit from my hard work as do most of the people out there that make 10. per hour or there about and go to work each and every day cause they have no choice but to work for a living yes i feel cheated but bills need to be paid and the only way is to take the job and do it aswell as you can so im sorry if your twisted sense of tit for tat is not shared you will get no sympathy from any one that is not employed by the post office stop trying they have only made more problems for the rest of canada you say its all the managements fault its not its the greedy sons of b*tchs that hold our personal property as leverage to fill there pockets even more and expect the rest of canada to side with them you people make me sick and like so many others i will not use the post office if at all possible any more they were rotten before hense the term snail mail so like one person said you people shot yourselves in the foot and will kill off your jobs due to greed and nothing else and remember you hired the union to work for you now you suffer and remember you all are not skilled workers so the next job you may get could be min. wage lets see you gloat then .

    • Rob says:

      People prefer to see things in a negative light.

    • Mike P says:

      So let me get this straight … it’s not that you want more, you just want them to have less … huh?

  25. stephanie says:

    I understand the need to negotiate, but not at the cost of thousands of people. My cousin is a postal worker and she would love to be working right now. I myself am having to use the food bank because my pay check is stuck at the post office somewhere. I have no vehicle insurance right now, my bills are over due, and rent needs to be paid next week. Is Canada Post gonna find me a new home with food in the fridge and cupboards and have my bills covered? I dont think so. I have nothing to do with the negotiations and yet its my family that is suffering, along with thousand of others. Force the workers back, and give them the last deal that was offered. I need to be able to live…….as do many others.

  26. Trevor says:

    If I enter a one year contract with someone who cleans my house for $50,000 a month. Then later, find someone who will do it for $500. After that year is over I can promise that I would not be renewing my contract. That being said, if it was a 2 year contract I would (and should) be held to the original agreement…
    My point is that, if the union has no contract then they should not be able to hold their employers to any previous agreements, period. If the union workers do not like the new terms of the agreement they should be completely free to look for a place of employment where they find the terms more satisfactory. In any event, the government should stay out of any labor dispute matters entirely and let business take care of its’ own issues.

  27. Lu says:

    This is just encouraging businesses to fax/email all invoices instead of mailing & taking visa or setting up EFT/PayPal for bill payments – this system will die out any!! They will all be out of a job soon!

  28. Trapperjon says:

    Fair pay and benefits for unskilled labour such as letter carriers should be dictated by how much someone else would be willing to perform the same job not by what ransom that some union demands by holding the mail service as hostage.

    • Kim says:

      Reply to Trapperjon………name your price and when your retired without a pension (because you didn’t make enough money to put any away)… goodluck trying to getting a Canada Pension, the way things are going, there probally isn’t going to be any….where ya gonna get the money for your arthitis medication for your crippled body……where I live winters are very hard on your body and like any job it does take it’s tolls.

    • Rob says:

      A lot of people share your ignorance. It’s easy to shoot your mouth off about something you don’t truly understand. There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes, “He who watches sees. He who listens hears. He who does understands.”

  29. MikeD says:

    I work a minimum wage job for a company that is losing millions nationwide because of this strike. Maybe some of these postal workers would like to try working for low pay and no benefits for a change. Time to privatize the postal service and give the job to people who want to work.

    • Rob says:

      Maybe you should stop feeling sorry for yourself and empower yourself to a better standard of living. Take the time to upgrade your skills. Expand your horizons. As far as working for low pay and no benefits, a lot of us already have. That’s one reason we wound up in the post office.

  30. Sarah says:

    I am getting married in 3 weeks and have SEVERAL packages in the mail that i NEED for my wedding!!! This is absolutely ridiculous, and even more reason to privatize this service so that this never happends, people depend on getting their mail. This should NOT be happening!!!!

    • Rob says:

      I’m sorry for your anxiety. I didn’t ask to be locked out. I didn’t ask for the sick days that I do work for to be slashed. I didn’t ask for the benefits of future employees to be raped. I didn’t ask for the process of performing my job to be made physically impossible. This has nothing to do with privatization. We’ll be legislated back next week and you’ll get your several packages on time.

  31. Angele says:

    I am appalled at everything going on. I truly believe that Unions have a place in protecting workers – but this is an abuse of power. If you want to make lots of money… you don’t become a postman. Why should I have to pay for their career choice. A waitress only makes less than minimum wage… should I pay her too for her career choice? She works just as hard. If you don’t like it… go work somewhere else… that’s what the rest of us do in private industry. Stop whinning and go back to work. The money they are arguing about they have already lost and more because they are on strike. Can’t anybody do math there? Anyway… after this I am going to find a way to reduce my usage of Canada Post and if we all do it, they will have face the unemployment line just like us and that will be their downfall in the end.

    • Rob says:

      Actually, it’s not about making lots of money. It’s already a decent wage. Not rock star money, but decent. We’ve accepted that we’re taking a beating for the money lost. We’re not crying to you about it either. It’s not a strike, it’s a lockout. It’s corporate extortion, a form of modern day slavery. Some of us choose to resist. You can accept it if you wish, but I don’t.

  32. Trish says:

    I work in IT as an independent contractor. I love “the cloud”, its where I do my work. The workers at Canada Post depend on it for pay, information, communication so maybe the fact that they don’t get mail isn’t affecting them. Canada Post has a right to make money and the workers have a right to be safe and paid for what they do. So we all agree on that? I still have door to door service for my mail which these days is mostly advertising or other unsolicited items and I encourage the use of the internet as much as I can. People who depend on the post still need the service. I think a solution to the issues for both sides is to ask Canadians what level of service they “really” need. Once a day? Not. How about home delivery 3 times a week? It is not up to Canada Post nor the union to determine the importance of the mail being delivered Just to deliver it. So I’m in if they want to cut costs by decreasing delivery service intervals to my home. Of course that increases the weight of the mail carried and that would create safety issues issues for the workers. How about the Union and Canada Post figure it out based on the real requirements of Canadians, not assumed ones.

  33. m says:

    If canada post stretches out the stike to sept or oct then there will be so many companies and people switching over to different providers,
    Canada post workers should be worried of their future jobs at this point.

    • Trish says:

      I agree, that’s the way the non-unionized works

    • Rob says:

      We are worried about our futures. Not just financial. This isn’t about a fraction of a percent raise because that isn’t worth being out over. A big sticking point is the modernized delivery model that the corporation is foisting upon us. The concept of health and safety has taken a back seat to corporate greed. The work of an LC is mostly physical. We carry up to 35 lbs. of mail at any one pickup point, and we carry the mail for many miles each day. There are varying factors as how many houses we deliver to, how many stairs at each house, property maintenance issues (damaged stairs, rails, walkways, etc…), weather conditions, dogs. I go to physiotherapy twice a week (when I’m working) to keep my back and my knees in a working condition. I’d like to still be able to walk when I reach my golden years. There are other jobs with different hazards. We get our share.

  34. Ronald Raymond says:

    Forty eight thousand workers holding thirty four million people hostage,last time I checked holding someone for ransome was illegal.Small businesses,large businesses or just working and non-working people are all getting tired of being held hostage by Canada Post,the Union and the Canandian Government.
    Bottom line is that the Canandian Government is still running the Postal System and have had very little control in this mess.Like alway’s I like to see how with the way things are still going with the economy that are tax dollars are being spent wisely lol.

  35. Marta says:

    I also have some checks and goods locked out in the mail.
    But thankfully I can manage.
    I just want to know where is the justice in the system?
    Why postal workers have so much time off, when “normal” people usually have 2 to 3 weeks off for holidays?!
    And yet 6 weeks is not good enough for them? Seriously?

    I believe all canadians should go on strike-more holidays for everybody!
    Let’s see how Jack Layton will react to that.

  36. stupid canada post says:

    ok this may not be important but i ordred a package from america and i have always wanted it until i finally got daddy to say yes! then these idiots start the stuppid strike!!!!!!!!!!!!! ugh arent they happy their getting payed so much? sum ppl dont even get paid!

  37. Graham says:

    This relentless debate in Parliament is absolutely ridiculous. Whatever empathy I ever had for Layton has now totally flown out of the window. Clearly Layton has no concern for the average Canadian public who are desperately waiting for an economically important item to arrive in the mail. I hope that Harper will soon exercise his authority and call this stupid debate to an end. Reminds me of some of the amazing things that happened to Alice in Wonderland.

  38. DannyRR says:

    I have been looking for a job for the past 4 months and haven’t found one!! I’d be happy to fill a position of an unhappy Canada Post worker!! With their salary and benefits…I would be more than satisfied.

  39. stacy says:

    Those postal workers should be grateful to have such a well paying job with benefits in these tough economical times. Get off your high horses and get back to work!!!

  40. stan says:

    I am supposed to get a cheque in the mail. I will be UBER pissed if it doesn’t show up.

  41. DC says:

    Postal workers who cry, “WE GOT LOCKED OUT”, need to admit that it would NOT have happened if CUPW was posing realistic demands to a failing system. Instead of fighting for higher wages… for those that don’t even work there yet… the union should be strategizing ways to improve the future for their employees. In an industry that is facing HUGE drops in volume, what is smart about going on strike for more money and benefit improvements??!
    CUT THE BS, “POOR ME”, CRAP AND GET BACK TO YOUR OVER-PAID JOBS!! Or find a better paying job! (Good luck with THAT!)

  42. wade says:

    it’s six days till payday…..GO BACK TO WORK

  43. Mike says:

    Everybody is complaining! anybody actually walked 20 km dragging 30lbs of mail? Have you face/legs/arms bitten by a dog? do you walk for 6 hours in -40 degrees or in +40?
    Do you do all these things? The job itself may not look hard… but the physical aspect of it is more than you would ever imagine. Stop complaining and pay FedEx $20 to deliver a envelope.

  44. vince says:


    • VINCE says:


  45. steve says:

    I’m afraid that most of the name callers and doom sayers are misinformed. the company Canada Post has locked out its employees we are NOT on strike. Call who ever you want the bad guy but the truth is the mail will still flow when this is over. the fact that letter mail is reduced is just the change in demographics, there are still a lot of people out here who don’t and won’t subscribe to electronic billing and otherwise. the government has begun a systematic change in the middle class which up to now consisted of mostly unionized workers, these unions have fought for and made most of the social frameworks that you come to count on. its the unionized postal workers now and a threat to a Private airlines but who will be next? the legislated return to work may also be a conflict of interest, being the the only shareholder to this corporation is the governmental and for them to set a binding contract without arbitration is in the very least a grievous abuse of power.

  46. Mike says:

    I am disgusted by how the NPD is licking the boots of the union while all of the other “working people” they claim to represent (small business, charities, non-union labour) are now suffering as a direct result of the lack of mail delivery. Packages, pay, you name it – all stalled so that 100+ NDP MPs can rattle on on behalf of these overpaid crybabies.

    Vile business, Jack! Way to bury your party by sticking with a policy that benefits the few while forcing the rest of us to suffer, and in the end, you’re only stalling the decision! What an ass!

  47. Evelyn says:

    One more week of this and I won’t be able to pay my bills. I haven’t been able to have my part time staff in because there is no money to pay them. I ship goods out and depend on Canada Post to do business. I’m literally dying here. I will celebrate when they are ordered back to work, when service is cut, when half of these babies are laid off and unions are abolished forever. This will be known as the strike that killed the unions. Then it will all be worth it.

  48. V says:

    Fire them all and hire new people that will appreciate their job and how much they make. Most of us don’t have the luxury of making government wages… and I’m sure we work a hell of alot harder than they do. I’ve read alot of comments about this strike, and I pray that this will end SOON for those of you who are about to lose your house and/or your business. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. Don’t they realize that this is just punishing US in the longrun?????? >:(

  49. jay norman says:

    i cant understand how the postal workers can justify their actions.In 10 more years we will need them less and less.privatize it now and skid the bums.

  50. Rocco says:

    It’s amazing how many Canadians are simple minded fools. The same fools who believe what they see on the six o’clock news. It’s the same one sided perspective the media gives when broadcasting about life in the middle east. You’re all a bunch of fools who live in Barhaven or Orleans Ontario.

  51. Fireworker says:

    I have literally had to add another column to my A/R report to track the huge volume of receivables that this strike has created.

    We’re a seasonal business, and Canada Day is our largest weekend of the year. We service 1500 retail locations across Canada, and cheque via Cpost is our preferred payment method.

    It’s time to end the madness and consider the thousands of businesses that this strike is affecting. Mr. Layton, step off of your pedestal and let the House of Commons get down to business!

  52. Barbee says:

    alot of people are really angry, and I totally get that, but why argue with each other? nothing gets accomplished that way.
    Ive said my peice here and there,..yes I am very upset over this. I have 5 children.
    So far Ive had whatever cheques I was getting couriered to my home. Aside from that, not all companies with do “bank to bank transfers” so if people would get that through their heads. It also is not a strike, but the union did it because it was costing to much money, so not one is at fault. they both are. The world is about communication and negotiations everyday. If major companies can’t even do that, that is saying alot..not a very good example

  53. Dave says:

    Here’s my 2 cents worth!!! I empathize with the employees, everybody would like to make more money and most people feel they are worth more than they get paid. Unfortunately your actions are causing Canadians alot of money.

    I agree with Brad McDonald, if you have a monopoly you shouldn’t be allowed to strike. Unforunately that is not the case. Then we have ‘the kids’ in parliment, fighting it out. Heaven forbid that they could act like profesionals, there certainly getting paid enough to. How will they solve this issue, there bigger babies then the union. Don’t get me wrong here, I have nothing against unions, but if Canada Post employees were so bad off, why didn’t they reduce their union dues? No they can’t take a reduction in there profits, but it alright for every other business too!!!

    As for small business owner, I understand there dilemma. It is fine to say, use a courier – but there are two factors to consider in that statement. The cost and availability of service. Courier are more expensive than Canada Post and most companies cannot afford to use there services exclusively and if they could, most courier do not have the services/capacity to handle all of the surplus shipping that has resulted because of the lockout. Canada Post knew this when they locked out there employees and I would of locked them out too. They knew the governments would step in and legislate them back to work.

    So Layton, stop acting like a baby and do the right thing. Alot of people are hurting right now because of your antics. Remember nobody ever really wins with a strike.

  54. serge says:

    Everybody goes threw hard times and I sympatise with that. I’m a fire sprinkler fitter that involves college education and provincial certification, now here’s what we get in the construction industry compared to the postal workers… We get no vacation
    per say, no sick days, no payed holiday and we deal with the worst work condition possible. Try working 60 feet up in the air in a little bucket at the end of a zoom boom holding a 21 feet long steel pipe that weightes 200 pounds wearing a hard hat, safety glass,
    safety vest, harness, boots and gloves in temperature of 35 degrees plus. I don’t think you guys would last one week doing my job. My advice is don’t push your
    luck and go back to work and be thankful that you have a job.

  55. vgrandja says:

    The strike hasn’t affected me much. Everything I needed, I was able to get either by TTC or bike. However, I have friends who own businesses and I don’t like others to suffer–especially when a situation is affecting their everyday living. Forget what the CP workers want…it’s time to step down, take charge and demand back to work.

  56. HA says:

    Okay I get Layton is taking the workers side, but what about the rest of the workers in Canada? Is he taking our side? We all work, we all use the postal service and we all are hurting, lay-offs are increasing and soon enough the people will fight back. Delay it as much as you want Layton, good luck getting anyone’s vote, come next election. Thank God I didnt vote for Layton!

  57. DS says:

    Enough already! All you people saying that you would do the job have NO IDEA what the job is actually like. Until you’ve walked the proverbial mile in their shoes ……..give it a rest. As for Jack and the NDP, what are they delaying the legislation for? They are only hurting the economy of Canada. This bill will pass regardless of the delay they are causing and I could maybe see the point if negotiations were still going on, however, talks have broken off and are not scheduled to resume. Get this to binding arbitrations NOW.

  58. I HATE LAYTON says:

    JACK LAYOTON, you retarded neanderthal, I hope you lose every seat you have in the next election. Small businesses have suffered beyond belief due to this strike and stalling doesn’t make anyone happier. It’s obvious that the Union and Canada Post cannot come to agreements despite all the time they have had but this bald headed jerk decides to stall passing of the bill because…he can?! What an insult to mankind! Get this punk out of Parliament!

  59. Jon says:

    Stop all this union BS …. how can sick leave be accumulated if they are not used… sick leave is a benefit that you still get paid when you are sick .. not vacation that you earn … also the salary is way better than people in private sector that do the same type of job, what do you expect .. some of the postal worker even committed that they finish delivery mail before their shift end and still get paid for full shift, what do they expect … go back to work ..

  60. Karson says:

    Ok. I have 2 pieces of mail in limbo. I paid for the stamps. I would like my money back!!! And my mail!!! Thieves!!!

  61. John says:

    This is so stupid. The NDP are laboriously delay the bill so the Union and Canada Post have time to work out their own settlement-except they arnt even debating it! Neither side is actively coming up with a solution. So they are using up taxpayer dollars for what? The workers should be order back to work and a solution worked out later with or without the help of an arbitrator. All of us hurt by the strike only want our mail moving!!!

  62. AKM says:

    I dont blame nor i am angry with the worker. only people that bother me is f***ing union guys and a**hole NDP leader, who want to delay the back-to-work legislation. He is doing no good to canada.I think he is there just to oppose whatever the government put on table. he is an a**hole, who only look at 48,000 employess and forgeting the big picture of canadian economy and small business. I am also severly affected with his f***ing act. He is f***ing moron and looser.

  63. Fred says:

    Five years from now, at the next federal elaction, I hope that Canada remembers the irresponsibility of these NDP idiots. Their action should put the last nail in their coffin.

  64. jhuot says:

    As a non resident of Canada, am a Canadian and lived there for 65 years, I feel that the postal union is doing a very big diservice to the workers and the Canadian people. They are being held hostage by a few greedy higher ups. Big Union days are over, face it, they have priced themselves and all the little workers out of work.

  65. Rick says:

    Services like Canada Post, Police, Fire, Transportation should not be allowed to strike. It should be in their contract. Passing legislation against striking is not a good thing, what good is a union if gov. can override the contracts?
    Are you happy now Canada Post? Is this what you really wanted? Union Bigwigs must be greatly reduced, how much is enough?
    I believe people’s trust in the Post is greatly reduced and it will come back to haunt them as more and more people make other arrangements than using the Post.