Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Makes Canadian Debut

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG makes Canadian debut and stuns the fans in attendance at the 2010 Montreal International Auto Show event.

This is the newest automobile to join the German engineered product line and it has won over thousands of fans before it has even been made available to consumers. Enthusiasts were awed by the “Gullwing” design as the Mercedes-Benz SLS made its 1st official appearance in Montreal. Fans that were on hand to witness the official unveiling of this sporty 2 passenger coupe could not help but be impressed.

Although high end luxury and cutting edge technology are expected in any Mercedes product, the SLS AMG deserves to be placed in a category all by itself.

The car immediately captures your attention because of those high tech gullwing styled doors but other features are just as innovative and impressive.

The 563hp, V8 motor coupled with a unique 7 speed, dual clutch designed transmission gives the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG the power to reach a speed of 317 km per hour and it only takes the vehicle 3.8 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/hr.

Many will see the resemblance to the earlier 300 SL model especially toward the front of the car where the wide radiator grille and Mercedes-Benz logo are prominent design features. Spring sales are expected to be brisk when this $198K car finally goes on sale to the public.

Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Makes Canadian Debut
Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Makes Canadian Debut

29 thoughts on “Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Makes Canadian Debut

  1. 317 km per hour certainly will speed-up those long commutes home. I wish they would publish the fuel economy stats. How much rear seat legroom ?

    Practical – no, IMHO anyone who buys one of these has a serious issue with too much money and too little responsibility, that being said, I predict they will sell a lot.

    1. One does not usually measure rear seat legroom in a two seater sports car! When one is buying any sports car, the word “practical” is not part of the discussion. Fuel efficient? Who cares. At $200k, the streets will not exactly be clogged with them.

      When I see a full sized bus drive past, belching fumes, with one or two passengers on board, that’s when I worry about pollution and carbon footprint!

    2. Don’t worry, there won’t be too many people buying them. The economy is bust. Watch it go down hill fast now!!

  2. Too bad very few canadians will be able to afford one. When I drive to michigan I see expensive cars like this on teh road all the time, but never here in ontario. Canadian salaries are significantly lower than in the US.

    1. BoB – “Too bad very few Canadians will be able to afford one. When I drive to michigan I see expensive cars like this on teh road all the time, but never here in ontario. Canadian salaries are significantly lower than in the US.”

      Are you kidding me, have you never been to the GTA? Driving through Burlington, Oakville, Miss, Toronto there are hundreds of Porches, Audi R8, Vipers, Maseratis (lots of these), Ferraris all over the place. I’m sure there will be far more then a few of these in the GTA alone. It’s not that the U.S. people makes more, the cars are less expensive.

  3. Why are people always smart enough to say that high potential = high risk? Just because the car can achieve great speeds doesn’t mean that the owner would do so on regular street roads. There are tracks for this and I know quite a few owners who take their cars to the track.

  4. I would have just as much fun and feel far better about myself if I bought a well equipped performance car from another manufacturer for $60K and gave the remaining $138K to charity.

  5. Thomas Greene III

    - Edit

    Charity? Who cares! I will buy 2 of these and drive one as fast as possible, and the other would just collect dust in my garage. I would also let it idle for long periods of time, because I am so rich, I don’t have to worry about fuel consumption.

  6. Bob says:
    January 17, 2010 at 3:12 pm
    wish that was the case, ever think how much cheaper things are there.
    Lower home costs as well gives you more disposable cash.
    No need to be jealous.

  7. I bought a classic Benz with a big V-8, it gets 12 mpg. Then I bought another. They take forever to warmup in the morning.

  8. I don’t understand the comments. Mercedes makes expensive cars with cutting edge technology. They’re more comfortable than the best armchair money can buy, they’re as classy as hell, and when you’re tight for time, they drive like hell’s board of directors was on your tail. Mercedes wants to sell us a car for the price of a house, does anyone think they’re going to get that money by selling a 1.3 liter naturally aspirated baby stroller?

  9. As i understand it Mercedes canada had a record sales year last year. Hard to believe when the economy busted. Maybe the rich weren’t as affected.

  10. The car is wind, abosolutley stunning. As for the economy, this vehicle is obviously not attached to any human pathologly other than the pleasure of driving. If I had a nickel, I’d put my money on this rocket. ZR1? who wants something ugly and expensive?

  11. @ Bob
    You know the Canadians are also a little smarter with their money and don’t extend themselves like the americans. Hence why we didn’t get a housing bubble like they did

  12. Funny some people would want to know the fuel economy for Mercedes-Benz AMG creation. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest-performance of each Mercedes series.

    I guess some thought this is one of those Mercedes-Benz and Swatch SMART series. Don’t worry those have great fuel economy, but not so sure about the space in the rear seat. (Although there were once rumors or the relauch of the SMART Forfour series.)

    1. Sham, Swatch has nothing to do with Smart anymore, not that it really had much to do with it in the first place.

  13. A ‘new’ sporty coupe from MB. Completely different from the one before it, except for almost everything Yawn. Sadly all car companies are taking their inspiration from GM 1990-2005. Bland, Boring, Banal. What happened to the artists who designed the ’59 Caddy, the first SLR & the McClaren F1? Car companies are killing the auto industry almost as fast as Gov’t Taxes.

  14. ENVY or what?

    I find it curious that envy is the most dominant reaction of most commentators. Sad and unproductive.

    The car sounds very cool to me. The problem is, it is utterly useless in Canada (due to speed limits) and in most municipal areas such as Vancouver (due to clogged streets and misguided “green” policies that aim to transform streets into obstacle courses).

    Both points are probably related. Envy leads to support for laws that make life hard for car owners (especially of pretty cars). Sad and silly and intolerant.

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