Driving and cellphone usage outlawed in PEI

On January 23, 2010, Prince Edward Island outlawed the use of cell phones, smart phones, gps, personal data assistants and laptop computers while operating a motor vehicle. The Transportation department announced there would be an unspecified “initial adjustment period” during which warning tickets would be issued to the caught lawbreakers. After this period fines will range from $250.00 to $400.00. 3 demerits will also be added to the driving record, which could increase insurance rates.

This makes P.E.I the seventh of ten Canadian provinces to enact a “distracted driving ban” to deal with this problem. Numerous studies have shown that cell phone (and similar handheld wireless devices) use increases the risk of motor vehicle accidents. The province of Alberta announced plans for a distracted driving law this spring. This will leave New Brunswick and Saskatchewan as the only provinces without the ban.

The P.E.I. government will launch a thorough public awareness and education campaign to help the Islanders understand the new law. They will post ads in newspapers, radio, billboards and brochures.

The PEI law will not cover usage of hands free or one touch devices as well as two way radios such as taxicab, trucking and citizen band radios.

Driving and cellphone usage outlawed in PEI
Driving and cellphone usage outlawed in PEI

6 thoughts on “Driving and cellphone usage outlawed in PEI

  1. Thank God! One less way for drivers to play with their and other peoples’ lives on the road. The ones who chat away on their ‘communication gadgets’ while driving are over confident and ignorant. The fact is that no one is going to die without chatting with you but someone is going to die with you chatting away while driving.

  2. All these provincial bans, and I just don’t see it making any difference. For one, I just don’t see how the police forces are going to be enforcing these new rules. When there is apparently not enough police officers on the roads, I would think they don’t have the time to be looking for people on cell phones.
    Secondly, today’s kids don’t know how to walk without being on the damn things, so when they go to drive they think it is their god given right to keep using the things. Of course they also don’t know how to wear pants or baseball caps, so there’s not much hope for the future of the world.

  3. I can understand the ban on cellphones, but GPS and MP3 players? How stupid. Pretty soon the only thing we’ll be allowed to do is daydream in the car.

  4. I think they make a distinction between mounted GPS/MP3 players (legal) versus unmounted handheld GPS/MP3 players (illegal). If I understand correctly.

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