Canada Post Strike Update

For the past few weeks one of the most significant issues affecting Canadian citizens on a daily basis has been the Canada postal strike by postal workers across the country. At first the postal workers were protesting and striking on a rotating basis, but it now is affecting all of the postal workers everywhere. The situation hit a climax on Tuesday when over 50,000 members of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers were locked out from their jobs.

The current strike has affected more than just the postal workers. Millions of citizens across the country have either not received important pieces of mail or have received them too late. The strike has forced several newspapers and magazines to shut down operations as they are no longer able to deliver their product to their customers.

This past week the United States Postal Service has announced that they no longer will be accepting packages and letters being sent to Canadian addresses. The USPS has cited that this is because they widely expect the lockout and strike to last until at least the end of next week. At that point the Canadian Parliament is expected to make a formal decision which could force the postal workers to return to their jobs.

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16 thoughts on “Canada Post Strike Update

  1. Legislate them back to work as soon as possible. The only people this is really hurting are small independent businesses that rely on a cheaper alternative to the more expensive private courier companies. Our customers are buying items as cheap as $6.95 and WONT pay the UPS/FedEx/Canpar $25-30 shipping fees.

    We don’t have all these benefits that these overpaid under-worked union folk have. All we have are our Canadian customers who can’t buy from us until this strike is resolved.

    Thanks NDP for trying to bankrupt us.


  3. How is this fair. I work my rear end off in a saw mill just to make $14/hr, and here the post office holds the publics mail as hostage cause they don’t make enough money. I personally think that Canada post needs to get their head out of their pooper and realize just how good they have it. And bring us our mail, because companies don’t care if you get or don’t get the bill, they still want their money.

  4. Its really sad when democracy for workers inhibits and forces pressure on other workers and bussinesses,nevermind the poor paying public. No matter how bad a situation is I only want to say this there are many people who are highly qualified searching for jobs, and there are alot of Canadian postal workers who are greedy and unsatisfied with their jobs why should the government support such act of rebilion and this terorises businessess and the public I for one WILL NEVER EVER be happy with Canada post as my new born baby in Edmonton suffers delay in her paper work registration because of the strike and I cannot finish documentation for my wife and baby to go visit her mother as I am unable to work and take care of them and my job will not give extra or unpaid days …so who will solve my problem and compensate me for my time and stress this POSTAL MADNESS has created alot of unhappiness to several families…why JUST SIMPLE HUMAN GREED …. and they donot follow the Canadian values of justice and following the law and respecting their duties towards their country and fellow citizens. Sorry the quench for more money is no execuse there are over 300,000 peoples homless and hungry and twice as much jobless people who will do a better job for less, just need the right attitude of workers. THANKS CANADA POST for my families suffering!

  5. I get they want to protect pension and I get that if they don’t try now they will never have a chance but what I don’t get is how the Goverment would let this happen this long.. Killing the economy and many small businesses. I am a small business but it is not my main form of income but I do know a few people that if this dispute doesn’t end this week they probably won’t have a roof over there head anymore. So I am thinking sure NDP fight for there right but what about the 1000 of customers to CPC whom may be losing everything this month if they do not end this today . If Jack Layton wants to be a hero now is not the time in fact if he prolongs this I think it is just shooting NDP in the foot and in 4 years time they will not be re elected . Fight for people who already have good jobs well other are losing everything not a good Idea Jack

  6. Public workers should not be allowed to strike! They are already paid well and have
    great benefits and definitely don’t have to overexert themselves in their everyday
    tasks. Every time I go to my post office the worker is just sitting on his butt or
    resting against the counter. With the way the world economy is and those that are out of work, they should be happy that they have jobs. If they don’t go back to
    work, fire them all and replace them with those that will appreciate the job.
    I would expect that most people in our country have no sympathy for their actions.

  7. workingmylifeaway

    - Edit

    It is sad that in this economy and with unemployment on the rise postal workers aren’t just being thankful to have a job, they want so much more which only brought on their strike and bringing misery to the entire country! They should not only think about themselves but what of their brothers and sisters who are no longer getting their mail! Offer the homeless people to replace them in their jobs. That will get things moving again!

  8. Enough is enough… I have been waiting for my letters from Doctors regarding my Daughter. what happend to every 3 days. I havent gotten anything for 2 weeks. so many people want jobs, Set a FIRM date no more of this CRAP. NDP, PC, get a grip 4 years will go real fast and people wont forget this

  9. I think they need to legislate them back to work right away and they need to get their heads out of their butts. They don’t want it to affect the taxpayers but who do they think it is affecting? We aren’t getting our mail and where do they think this pay increase will be coming from.

  10. This is not a strike everyone. Canada Post employees were locked out. The strike started with rotating strikes that meant people were working and people were getting their mail. For people who work in unions, you know the drill. For people who don’t , learn about the issues first, before shooting your mouths off. Like a said this is a lockout, the employees want to go to work.

  11. I never get good service at post office. They work slowly and never pay attention to other customer. Mail are missing many times. They are not hard worker. If they ask salary up, you have to work harder than us. I am not agree your strike.
    you should back to work ASAP!!!!

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