Canada Post Strike Update: No Mail For Most

Canadian Parliament to Intervene in Postal Worker Strike

Canadian lawmakers are poised to pass legislation which would end the dispute between Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. The legislation is in response to a weeks-long postal worker strike which legislators say has begun negatively affecting the economy. The proposed a measure would impose a settlement on the two parties and force service to resume.

The CUPW began rotating strikes on June 2. Volume passing through Canada Post accordingly dropped, prompting the government-owned corporation to lock out striking workers on June 14 in an attempt to temper the cost of the strike.

The Conservative government has the votes to push through the back-to-work law, but the opposition in the New Democratic Party plans to delay a final vote with further debate. The NDP hoped the extra time would allow an agreement to be reached without government intervention; however, negotiations stalled late Wednesday night, with both parties saying talks were unlikely to resume.

In the meantime, Canadians are left without postal service. Small businesses have been especially harmed, which prompted lawmakers to act. A recent poll found that a majority of Canadians supported the back-to-work measure.

Although the legislation is expected to pass, mail service likely won’t resume until next week at the earliest.

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159 thoughts on “Canada Post Strike Update: No Mail For Most

  1. Derek Blackadder

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    This isn’t a strike and hasn’t been for a long time. It’s a lockout: the employer has closed the doors and is refusing to allow employeees in to work. An important distinction, but one clearly beyond you folks.

    1. Apparently it’s beyond you.
      It WAS a strike and has become a lockout. Either way, they are accounting this has a postal strike as they were trying to lower costs and make a point.

    2. Yes, it is a lockout….they are locked out because they walked off their jobs – clearly a distinction that is beyond you!!! In the world I live in, if a person walks off the job, they are fired! The postal workers are lucky that they have a job to come back to – I can see nurses striking for more pay, given the fact that their workload and conditions are so trying and difficult. But postal workers – give me a break! Bunch of whining brats who really do need to be taught a lesson – go Harper, and force them to actually work for their money like the rest of us have to!

    3. georgie Zentner

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      I am wondering what is going on? How many Canadians get 7 weeks Vacation? how many Canadians get a starting rate of $ 18, how many Canadians get a pension at age 55 and I like to know what a posties gets paid in pension compared to an ordinarly non government employee.. I figured out.. I might get
      CPP around $ 800.. my wife about $ 550.. how is this compared to a Post Office worker?? get real.. and accept.. and the Post office is not the same like it used to be.. lets privatize it.. lets deal with UPS and other servicse.. lets put an end to the Senate.. and the Post Office. Change is needed.. I am mad.. mad and very frustrated

      1. Kick them out, fire them. They don’t like what they have – find another job as normal people do.

      2. send them back to work or just fire them!! i want my dam mail already this is so stupid…and course the government dont care they all get there mail just regular people dont!!

    4. Willie Wagonwheel

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      Whenever an employee of mine walked off the job they were replaced with one of the many looking to work for a living. I would suggest the same should happen here. I know of many many high school grads who would kill for a job like the ones these idiots have put at risk. Fire them all and hire new employees with a better grip on reality.

    5. Perhaps the union leaders and workers need to start stepping up to the plate and accept their responsibility for the mess this has become.

    6. They (CUPW) are simply destroying the Canada post day-by-day. Because of their undue strike companies are heading toward direct deposit, direcit payment, wire transfer, elactronic mails etc which is reducing Canada post’s revevue which may result in closing the Canada post in near future.And CUPW will be solely responsible it this ever happens.

      Government should force them back to work without any delay. No pay or benefits increases should be given to them.

    1. That’s what I thought. That’s why I voted for him. Thanks for putting me dead in the water weeks after start-up, Layton.

    2. Great point!! ;D I agree with the comments so far, and I’m an NDPer. The unions have their place…in hospitals, nursing homes and schools…where employees are still being taken advantage of with skeletal staffs and overworked conditions, but I personally know part time postal workers who make way more in the post office sorting mail than on the floors as support staff in the hospital here. They would LOVE more hours there so they can quit working in the medical industry altogther. These postal strikes are ridiculous and unwarranted!

      1. Now is the time to look at more (environmentally friendly) options; I have my bills delivered through epost. People on Welfare are receiving their cheques (I received my Child Tax Benefit on my usual day). My husband is an accountant for small businesses and he says the strike is actually helping them because they have more time to pay off bills – which for the restaurant business can be crucial.

        I’m sorry the strike is affecting so many people, but I wouldn’t blame Jack Layton – after all – he is in the position to protect workers; unfortunately, one cannot appease everyone.

        1. I ordered medicine for my grandson in US through USPS more than two weeks ago. Parcel still couldn’t went to Canada. USPS sent me e-mail that they attempted to deliver my item in Canada. How about this. I don’t care about bills and about your husband business. So don’t give this BS

      2. not everyone can use other options. for example, the person i know required a visa to re enter canada after they take their trip. since canada post is on strike, their passport and other important documents they had to send cannot be returned to them because the visa office isn’t going to pay for courier services to return their documents back. imagine if you had booked a vacation months in advance and had to send all your important original documents away only to have this happen and therefore your vacation ruined…it’s not fun.

      3. How do I get something I bought in China delivered with one of your other option, you idiot. Post isn’t just letters: it’s also parcels !

      4. did not notice because you are retired? small business depends on the mail to keep the economy rolling and all small business has noticed including me. I don’t get direct deposit for my contract work I look forward to getting paid for my commercial work in the mail.

  2. Omg please make them go back already! I dont think anyone supports them on this strike. So force them back!!
    Theres like 4 things that the only way i can get is by mail and i want them already!

      1. flabbergasted

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        Wow, your style is to attack? What does it matter what anony is waiting for – just as much right to anticipate the arrival of mail as you or anyone else.

      2. No. A lot of small companies ( including mine ) rely on payments made by sending out invoices and payments made by cheques. Without the mail a lot of small companies are really hurtng right now.

      3. It doesn’t matter what anyone is waiting for – the mail should be moving. You shouldn’t make judgmental comments like that – you never know when you might be in a position where you need the help. It has always been said that the wheel comes full circle – here’s to happily awaiting the day when it reaches that point with you!

      4. To the comment about welfare checks, even i were on welfare and needed those checks I would be in panic because my daughters needs are so great, many people rely on the income they have for many reasons for those unselfish they can wait but for families in our sitution its a huge importance and to get to an office to pick it up would be impossible. Lock down or not it should be resolved in a manner that does not hit those who are in need of less greedy manner!

      5. Marie what an ignorant thing to say! You’re a nasty human. Are you bored with nothing else better to do than troll message boards and try to get a rise out of people? The mail system is used for a hell of a lot more than sending out welfare cheques but there certainly are people, families, whom I’m sure are negatively affected by this strike, lockout, whatever the hell it is.

        I hope you get back 10 times what your putting out there you stupid woman.

      6. Actually, my daughter is waiting for student loan and grant checks…but apparently that’s not ‘government’ enough in the eyes of Canada Post.

  3. this is very bad my passport was stulk in toronto for almost 2 weeks and because of that i canceled my trip vacation to europ which cost me about 7000 $cad, I called many times canada post to help to get my passport back but no response only said sorry they cant help, i doint know what to do i need my passport back , if any one can help, Please do so.

    1. I travel extensively and ran into the same trouble when the US first started the requirement for a Passport at the border and mine was stuck in the mail.
      You should be able to go to a passport office (you will need a new form and pictures as well as identification) and declare that your passport is “inaccessible”. If you have a copy of your airline tickets you should be able to get the passport in 48hrs. You might need your birth cert so call them first, they can be surprisingly helpful.
      I will never send my passport through the mail again there are just too many things that can go wrong.

    2. For best inf you better contact Passport Canada. I had the same problem and found the answer from them.

      1. “Inexpensively”, it was delivered by Purolator who are owned by Canada Post. So in the long run it’s the tax payer who is footing the bill for the difference. All government agencies have switched over to Purolator during the strike. If the strike lasts much longer you will have to go pick documents your self.

  4. Wow! If only unions would understand the benefits they already possess – I know for a fact that if I or any other employee working without such ‘protection’ and freedom, and if I or the average working Canadian were to complain, place demands and be utterly selfish as a whole, we’d get fired and have a terrible reputation,(not to mention bad references for future employment)!

    I wonder how many Canada Post workers disagree with the strike? I can’t imagine it works as a democracy?

    Why do unions feel they are more entitled than the common business?

    I think you all should listen to Mick Jagger while he sings to you what it is you are truly entitled to:

    “…you can’t always get what you want – you can’t always get what you want…but if you try sometimes, YOU get WHAT YOU NEED!”


    1. HELLO, wake up people, this is not a strike, it is a lockout buy the corporation (government). At least we were getting mail before the government stepped in. I have never been a union member and never really supported them. If the government give in to the common worker, that would be less to give to the MP’s. What a shame. How long after this will there be raises given to the MPs, six months?? a year??

    2. I am a postal worker and I agree with the corporation. our union is asking for too much..AND we pay hefty union dues for their ineptitude.
      I would have accepted the first generous offer, and so would many of us posties.
      Maybe it is wrong to be legislated back, and at a lower wage but we asked for it!

  5. Small business

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    I own a small business and I had no choice but to lay off 4 people this last week. Keep it up ndp! I will never vote for your party ever again. This economy can’t handle this kind of strike, small businesses depend on cheques that come in the mail. These postal workers are over paid as it stands right now compared to ups and purolator workers. What the hell do they want. All I know is that I will focus in the coming months to eliminate Canada post from my business, and I encourage other small businesses to do the same. Small businesses drive this economy, create jobs, pay taxes, and so much more and we are the ones getting SCREWED!!!

    1. flabbergasted

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      It’s difficult to sympathize with the postal workers but the union has a lot of power and probably pushed hard for this.

      If I was a business owner I’d be stting up payment methods to avoid cheques being in the mail.

      This strike/lockout will have a long term effect on the business of Canada Post.

    2. I totally agree with you. My husband and I are small business owners and this strike is having a huge negative effect on our business. We are simply not getting our payments for work done because we are not getting our mail. No money to pay bills is one thing, but we need to be able to pay our employees. There’s plenty of work, but we can’t expect our employees to work for free. It’s heartbreaking when you have to lay off good loyal employees all because of something that you have no control over. They have bills to pay and families to feed as well. Small businesses are what drive the economy. I shudder how many have or will have to close their doors all because of this strike. Here’s to hoping you or I aren’t one of the unfortunate ones.

    3. Fortunately, we live in a time of internet banking. All of my cheques are automatically deposited in my business bank account – so my small business isn’t much affected. You might want to check it out – even if there isn’t a postal strike – it is much less time consuming to have monies deposited directly into a bank account/ Good Luck

    4. I too am a small business owner and will soon be unable to continue to pay my workers, as I rely on receiving 60% of payments through the mail. I too will do everything in my power to abolish the use of Canada Post.


  6. Union workers are babies. I’m fighting overseas and can’t get mail home because you postal workers want better fringe benefits??? Don’t like what you’re getting now, then go back to school and get a better job. If not then suck it up. We as canadians don’t need our economy going on the toilet again, because you’re not happy. I think the government should intervene if this continues. Also I think jack Layton is a sellout… Go conservatives!!

    1. Actually, some of those postal workers have degrees. I have friends working in the postal system because they can’t get a job as teachers because Conservative politicians are cutting education to shreds. I would never assume all soldiers have not graduated from a university or 12th grade. Please don’t make assumptions yourself.

      I am sorry that you are not receiving mail; however, it appears you have access to the internet – what about emails?

  7. If it were me and all of a sudden my wage was going to be decreased, lose benefits and a decreased pension I to would be upset. Sure be happy with what you have but I’m sure if your boss told you you had to take a pay cut you’d be overjoyed as well. I hope the postal workers get what they want, it’s not like they don’t want to be working. They’ve been locked out.

    1. flabbergasted

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      Are you sure the postal workers were told their pay was being reduced? New employees were to be offered a lower wage to start. That’s the deal.

      Benefits? Do you think they shuyld be off work almost a week & not have to submit a doctor’s letter? No questions asked? Do you want to finance that deal? I don’t.

      What about accumulated sick leave…have you heard that some people may have accumulated a year, maning 365 dyas of sick days that they could take upon retirement…so a whole year of sick pay coming out of your pocket?
      I think sick pay is for when you’re sick, no accumlation necessary, ONLY WHEN YOU ARE SICK!

      If I was a business I wouldn’t want to pay my employees because they didn’t need sick leave. wow what a nice holiday on top of the 6 weeks they already get.

      1. another well informed canadian.i have plenty of sick time saved but if im not sick i dont just get to use them at the end before i saving them incase i do get really sick ,like cancer or something like that as i get older,yes there are abusers like any company but dont lump me in with a hard worker and i dont want to be on strike,im out working another job untill the 2 sides decide to get something figured out.dont believe everything you read out there ,there are 2 sides to every story.

    2. Initially c post gave the union a nice wage increase..did not touch the pension (except for new hires) , which may I add is like in like in every other organization union or you know what an apprentice is?? CUPW has one of the most generous benefit packages in Canada
      No sorry I am a postal worker, and think our union is making a big big mistake

    3. no ones wages are “all of a sudden going to be decreased” any CURRENT employee of Canada Post is NOT being effected by any pay change… they WALKED OFF THE JOB to protect the STARTING WAGE of NEW EMPLOYEES?!
      does that make ANY sence?
      So I am going to loose MY pay, by walking off the job.. so that some kid I dont even know, can make an extra $2/hr?? Lets also note, new employees are generaly causal workers who work maybe pick up 1-2 shifts a week.
      Lets say 2 shifts EVERY week..and lets pertend they are full 8hr shifts… thats 832hrs a year… thats $1,664.
      so how much of my pay is reduced by striking? I am going to be LOSING MORE MONEY than I am trying to save for a stranger!!!!

      Anyone else notice the only people honking at the picket lines are FED-ES driver?!!

  8. While my fiancee & myself are waiting for her dress to arrive I cannot express my sadness for this mess. As a member of a union I whole heartedly endorse their cause & sincerely hope that the Canadian government will get off their ass’s to quit sticking it to the little guy.Hey just a suggestion but why can’t we take care of the people that are paying their tax’s & stop paying for countries that never have any intention of helping our situation here. Myself personally am tired of being rape & pillaged by the Canadian government, suffice that to say is the price for freedom. I guess kraft dinner & sardines are the standard now.Do I get some kind of compensation for the governments greediness ? I doubt it.

  9. None of us know all *three* sides of the story here. I think we should all keep our comments to ourselves and hope for fair negotiations. Making comments on stories you don’t fully understand is aimless.

    The only selfishness that I see going on is by us, the public. We are NOT in their situation. We can really only comment on our own opinions of how we feel about the inability to send/receive mail.

    The end.

    1. flabbergasted

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      what about freedom of speech, right to our own opinions? You are givng an opinion about the reaction of the public. Are you giving yourself the right to chastise the public for expressing their comments?
      I’d guess you’re involved in this mess somehow?

  10. Canada Post is a business and should run like a business.

    Who does the union think they don’t need to experience the pain and suffer like the rest of the Canadian common workers.

    they are already OVERPAID in dollars and benefits (vacations). WHO HAS 7 weeks paid vacation days anymore? WHO HAS full pension at 55? NOT THE REST OF CANADIAN WORKERS!!

    May be portion of the people in union are really deserve the extra benefits… BUT NOT ALL OF THEM.

    GET BACK TO WORK!!! YOU ARE WAY TOO GREEDY and make the rest of the Canadians suffer.


  11. What makes Canada Post workers think that their jobs have higher standards to any other Government Departments, with various positions and none are just walking around!!! No one has received a 11% hike on salaries in the last 10 years, most didn’t even come close to receiving 5% over a three year contract. Get over it already and get to work like everyone else!!! Why don’t you educate yourself on how to budget your bills like everyone else. Money certainly helps but at what cost to you or anyone else, let alone Canada, trying to struggle through this ongoing recession that we have in Canada???


  12. I think if we all knew just how much government employees are paid and all the benefits they have compared to the majority of the population that are paid with all of our taxes, we would all be telling them to get back to work. I don’t think any government owned and run organization should have unions in the first place as we all, as a country, pay for these services with our taxes and therefore should be run based on the “standards” for all employees as stipulated in our provincial and federal
    emploment standards. Their benefits far exceed these minimum requirements that most Canadians have to survive on. Most Canadians are hard working and we all would like more benefits but we are in a recession and deeply in debt and many would dream of making the wages the postal workers make! With cuts to programs that would benefit many throughout the country due t oou naations financial situation, I find it hard to have sympathy for the cause for this strike. Stop holding up production Jack Layton, please! RJ

  13. Why don’t the postal workers WAKE UP. How would they like it if they had NO sick time, and had to use their vacation when they were sick. Maybe then, they’d realize how GOOD they have it!!!! Most of you people who work for Canada Post get paid VERY well for UNSKILLED labour. Maybe it would be a good thing for the postal service to be privatized.

  14. This is just another reason why we need more automation and electronic mail. The Union is just putting more nails in their coffin.

  15. It is very unfortunate that this strike had to occur during a recession. This strike is not helping Canada as a whole, it is affecting all of us. I have to admit I am frustrated and angry that they are bringing us all into their situation but I guess they are getting their point across. I don’t know the whole situation so I can’t comment too much but it just seems that all of canada is being sacrificed for one group of canadians. I also do understand that not all Postal Workers are for this strike….

  16. It started off as a ROTATING STRIKE, Canada Post had no choice but to do a lockout as the rotating strikes were costing the corporation millions. Like everyone else says, get with the times people. As the old saying goes, those who cannot work..get unionized. Its 2011, lets get with the new way of doing business and realize that small business drives this economy and not the unions of yesterday.

  17. This is horrible …. cant believe whats happening in here.. a country with full of rules and regulations cant handle a situation like this..

  18. I don’t need Canada Post. I send and receive information via email. I pay my bills via email. Shut down the whole organization and give it to the private courier companies. Then we’ll get the service we so dearly pay for!


      - Edit

      I so agree with shutting down Canada post take away that piece of a union and give service to a private company that might make tax payers realize how much of a croc all this really is because starting at $20+ just isn’t good enough for this lazy bastards and there pathetic union!

      1. flabbgergasted

        - Edit

        Exactly! If I was offered $20.00 just to do my job now, not even talking about an entry level pay, I’d be thrilled. The postal union/workers have the arrogance to turn it down.

  19. Never could get the “philosophy” of those unions for the matter of benefits. The vast majority of us do not have the luxury of those numerous benefits and job stability you union enjoys at taxpayers expense.
    If not happy with the benefits the best thing you can do is find another job that offers those… though I highly doubt there is any offering more generous ones.
    Canada Post no longer corresponds the realities of 21 century the unions hurt the economy and affect many third parties, so it is time to privatize the company and make it to work…
    Also I am wondering why CP employees are so “unhealthy” and take times more sick days than any average Canadian does? After all the sick time is paid from our pocket through the increased service charges which are already excessive and put Canada in a very disadvantageous position in comparison to other western economies.

  20. As much as I agree that the government shouldn’t intervene with union negotiations; I feel that due to technology snail mail need has been dropping at an alarming rate so revenue to Canada Post has been dropping and if we all don’t want our postal service rates to jump considerably maybe this time it would be a good idea for our government to step in.
    The world economy is still at a very fragile time and we all should take this into account.

  21. Attack is not needed…in reading these postings it is disturbing on how we(as a whole) treat eachother and say things that should remain silent. Our society is very opinionated and critical of one another. Stop attacking and start solving. It is very unfortunate that this has regressed to a complete lockout and hopefully this situation will soon be rectified and get thing moving again.

    1. In my last posting I made an error…last sentence should read: It is very unfortunate that this has regressed to a complete lockout and hopefully this situation will soon be rectified and get thing(s) moving again.

  22. The paperless society is not here yet. As small a business I need paper invoices and paper statements to keep in my files for 6 years incase I’m ever audited. I do not want to use my resources – my printer, my paper, my internet – to print copies of these peices of paper for my files. I rely big time on the postal service. Although I do get paid from my larger contracts through direct deposit, the smaller accounts are still paid by a mailed check and I pay most of my bills the same way. I’ve been waiting patiently for the mail to start again, but I’m getting tired of waiting. My business is suffering, my office staff are playing games on their computers… our office is slowly grinding to a halt. I wasn’t aware that I needed the postal services as much as I do and I miss them. I think as a person I can live without them, I can easily convert all my personal stuff over to on-line solutions. So, basically the only ones really getting burned here is the businesses. About one more week and I’ll be laying people off too.
    Lets get this over with!

    1. Karen, for audit purposes, we PDF all of our hard copies. That way we don’t waste more paper, printer ink, save on space, etc. The PDF copy is as good as a paper copy and you can save the original paper copy in your files. It’s just a matter of time before Canada Post becomes just another courier company. And not a moment too soon for Canadian taxpayers.

  23. With the high rate of unemployed…. replace them all… fire there over paid ass and hire new people who would be thrilled to make what the postal people make an hour

  24. A lot of people are shifting their loyalty to other carriers and it is hurting Canada Post. A lot of businesses have been comparing courier rates through search engines and finding alternatives.

  25. ups and purolator do not have great service for what you pay,, a letter cost $1.00 to mail at canada post but they are on strike so i go over to ups and they want $23.00? Bremerton WA, is only 2-3 hr. drive from Vancouver! I told ups i’d Give them $5.00 and they turned it down. Doesn’t look likely that ups or purolator will compete with the post, maybe the cost of shippin is subsidized as well?

    1. They don’t have to compete – It’s called corporate greed. They are taking advantage of the situation instead of trying to give a good deal to Canada Post customers.

  26. Why cant the Canadian post be more like the USPS? “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” the mail never stops in the US. Union strikes? I don’t think so. So what’s the problem here Canada?

    1. USPS operates at a loss. According to USPS.Com they lost 8.5 Billion (net) in 2010. Canada Post runs at a profit. So in that regard there is no problem.

  27. With the current unemployment rates, why can’t they just hire new people to work in the post offic? There are a lot of people who need jobs & everyone needs their MAIL!!!

    Why is the world so driven by MONEY, there is so much more to life!!!


    1. Give it to them Send a letter to Denis the head of CUPW, and get his head out from under the mail bags
      from a postie

  29. I have a bad experience with Canada Post even before the strike, something’s terribly wrong within the system of Canada Post. I’ve never experienced such things with any other post companies. Now, I’ve mailed a letter using Xpresspost, since 12 days my letter hasn’t arrived the destination which is 50Km away from my place!!!!

  30. Watching CPAC on TV tells me this filibustering by the NDP is getting very ridiculous, the same comments over & over. Let’s have a resolve very soon. And the workers get back to their jobs.

    1. There is quite a legal setup to laundry tax payers money which is not yet considered to be a corruption.
      Unions get support by politicians (e.g. NDP with never-earned-own-money leader Jack) who provide financial “solutions” to the union. Then a union pays back with the financial and electoral contribution. And at the end of the day who is paying for that mutual “cooperation”? We do – we, ordinary tax payers that have nothing to do with the unions or politics.
      Nice job, Jack – keep your filibustering. After all why would you care about small businesses that lose revenue & jobs? Your main contributors are unions, so screw those stupid taxpayers, and make your financial donors to enjoy their life with benefits and wages while others are to pay for that…

  31. For anyone who says “Canada Post is not needed” try publishing a Magazine and mailing almost a million copies 4 times a year… explain how I could do that via Purolator? Canada Post IS needed… especially for those of us who live in rural areas where any other service outlets are over an hour away… BUT… BUT BUT BUT….

    This strike is an absolutely disgusting… I too run a small business… I get NO sick leave, I get NO benefits, I get NO guaranteed pension, I get NO guaranteed wages or increases… If I get sick, work doesnt get done and I loose money, If I need medical attention I PAY for it, when Im 55 I get to continue working to survive and when im 65 (if im lucky) I can sell my business to someone and live off that…. If I have a bad year (oh, I dont know, say in a RECESSION) I take a pay CUT so I can pay my employees…

    These spoon fed babies are crying not because THEY will have their pensions effected or wages decreased… its because NEW employees will have a lower starting salary, lower salary cap and pensions that are dependant on the return generated from the pension fun investments… they still GET a pension.

    IMO… the government should not only legislate them back to work, but inform them if they still choose NOT to work they will be fired… then the Government should pass a law that REMOVES the union entirely… Im SO glad I voted for a Conservative government whos not afraid to DO what needs to be DONE to help and protect ME… the taxpaying small business owner.

    To the union sympathizers, I DO understand all sides of this. Ive read every piece of information I can get my hands on… this is wrong and they should get back to work.

    1. Luke I couldn’t have said it better. I too own a small business and waiting on receivables which are very important for obvious reasons…so I can pay my rent/bills! This Strike or lockout is BS!

    2. Agreed Luke. We are small business owners as well, and we have no one to count on but ourselves. If you have employees that have wage garnishes for any reason (EI repayment, maintenance enforcement, etc.)these cheques must be mailed. You cannot pay them electronically or at the bank. Also, setting up the ability to accept credit card payments is costly. Unions do not have a place in Canada anymore, we have provincial labour departments to ensure workers are treated according to labour laws, and there are some nicely paid government employees there as well. Unions don’t want new employees to get a lower wage because it would mean lower union dues. Does anyone honestly think they give a rats behind about the employees? I think not, it’s their dues they are trying to protect, not the employees.

    3. When you write stuff like this, you are pissing on the memory of every Canadian soldier who ever put it on the line from WW I to Afghanistan. The same rights that guarantee these people the protection of a union also guarantee your right to start and run a business.

      And it is in defence of these principles that Canadian soldiers have sacrificed so much around the world.

      1. Your really stretching it, by your convoluted and extension of logic, soldiers also fought for the rights of department stores like Wal-Mart to stay open late on a Sunday night as well. That is not the definition of the freedom, that our fallen soldiers gave their lives for. To compare postal workers to combat soldiers only for the benefit of your slanted union rhetoric is nothing short of crap. It just proves to the rest of us how out of touch union supporters have become in this day. These soldiers have fought and continue to fight, for flag, country and patriotic ideals including freedom of speech and expression which is what we are all exercising here. We are USING what these soldiers from the past and present have given to us. It’s insulting to see you garble freedom of speech with Marxist-style union propaganda and then accusing us of “pissing” on history.

  32. I need my mail, and this strike is really making me sad. Strike/lockout whatever it is. I work for a huge multi national firm and dont get sick days, went to uni for 4 years am well qualified, and I have to use vacation time accrued for sick days. hmmm whatever it is I hope it ends soon. And I will hesitate to use CP again if I ever do.

  33. Every time our economy is rising, unions always step in and want more !!!!! I see no place in our society any more for unions, workers now have so may rights and are so well protected that I think they should be abolished ! I think it is all pure greed on their part. GO CONSERVATIVES!!!! Put these postal workers back to work, if they are not happy I am sure many unemployed people would be willing to fill their shoes! If I walked off my job …….. I would not have one ! I get a raise if my company is making money …….. otherwise, I am happy to be working!

  34. My father worked as a mail sorter at Canada Post for almost 30 years and rarely, if ever backed the Union on it’s endless strikes. He felt he was well paid for what he did and that he had good benefits. However, if he did not walk the picket line, he was ridiculed by the militant group in the Union – the bullies you see really into waving the placards.

    This strike is having a negative effect on many businesses and the Government should legislate them back to work NOW!

    1. I too work for Canada post and agree with your father…and I will not walk the picket line. why?? because their is no reason to. CUPW employees get well paid and have some of the best benefits in Canada. ALL OF US GOT A $!400.00 BONUS this year because Canada post made a profit. SHOW THAT TO THE MEDIA!!!and this is what we do in return! SHAME ON YOU CUPW


    You could easily replace the whole lot at half the pay/benefits. They are ungrateful, and 99% of what they deliver now is junk mail. It is sad to see people complaining about a good job, when they are so hard to find.

    Most people I know are working for about $12/hr with 2 weeks vacation and no paid sick days. And benefits? You mean those plans you choose and pay for out of your own paycheck? And they aren’t worth what you pay…

  36. hope you like your raise

    - Edit

    first of all when CP employees went on strike you loudly proclaimed how its your “right” to strike and everyone should get over it. now you’re complaining about canada post’s “right” to lock you out?

    unions have NO BUSINESS in government employee tax funded monopolies. they’ve spectacularly failed in the private sector the only place they are successful is when you can’t get rid of them like in government jobs where you can’t declare bankruptcy because the taxpayer will just keep paying…

    1-2 day a week mail delivery by contract employees so you dont even qualify for benefits, that would be ideal for the TAXPAYER, YOUR BOSS…

  37. If you dont like your job then quit, dont cause nation wide stress on people and businesses. These people should know how important their jobs are to the economy and by the sounds of most articals the NDP are putting the situation in a state on non-negotiation. Luke you make some very good points.

  38. Ok so this is what I got to say…I wonder if each one of the opposition reps have consulted with their local constituents and asked them what they wanted. Isn’t that democracy? Right now as always when I started to slightly follow politics they just oppose to everything the conservatives say. I used to like Layton (even voted for the guy) but now I see him as nothing more than a trouble maker and unsatisfied person. And I said that as politely as possible.

    Thank you,


  39. I am a small business owner and this strike/lockout is killing me. I can’t use other services to ship my orders because the cost is simply too high. Since this whole strike/lock out has happened I have lost loads of business. As much as I hate to rely on Canada Post, I do. I wonder if Jack Layton actually considered small business (or just paid lip service to our cause) when he decided to oppose the return to work for postal workers. NDP will certainly never get my vote in the future.
    In any event, I know that there are many small businesses that are hurting and I am sure the effect that this is having on Canada’s economy as a whole is massive. In regards to some of the comments above, I am not sure why people are attacking others for having an opinion. I wouldn’t expect or tolerate that kind of attitude from my 2 year old daughter. Be nice people, karma will bite you in the arse otherwise.

  40. I don’t agree with the postal strike, it’s selfish, unecessary, immature and I can say that with Canada’s high unemployment rate lets replace those who are in agreement with it, lets see they don’t have benefits, they dont have pensions, and why because Canada hit a recession so they’ve lost jobs, and no matter how much people say work is out there isn’t, so why these poeple are on EI Canada post forces them to suffer more there cheques aren’t coming in the male their children suffer, so lets may it’s time for the employess of Canada Post to suffer, i’m proud of our government for stepping in because it doesn’t just effect our smaller businesses it effects our larger corporations as well, they rely on Canada Post to deliver cheques to receive invoices, packages and other mail, so put them back to work already!!!

  41. I think its a dumb idea to support the back to work legislation, sure everyone needs to get their mail and it is having far reaching negative effects but we must think long term. If this legislation is passed then there is no reason for employers treat their employees well, if they don’t like it they can just force them back to work. I think that there has been a lack of compromise because of this legislation. Again our rights are under attack but it is supported ony because of our own lack of foresight.

    1. small business

      - Edit

      Rights…support …my goodness…Canada Post workers get great pay and benefits, many of my friends work for Canada Post BUT how do you support workers that take advantage they are union and untouchable …. they start their work day leave at 1100am to go golfing even sometimes with management BUT still get paid for the full day…do you know how many times a friend from canada post calls me in the morning to say lets go shopping at noon or to a casino or golfing ….it is quite disgusting …I say no..because I do not support taking advantage of the workplace …..
      They abuse their own workers rights and privileges..

    2. Well, I think that the main problem isn’t that any employer can do this because private corporations will never be able to force people back to work, because they’d lose too much money if people went on strike. However, because this is government-run, taxpayer-funded, the workers are getting more money for doing less than other workers with similar pay (labour, etc.) and this is something that IS affecting every Canadian, the people should go back to work, post-haste (no pun intended)

  42. I have said it once before and I will say it again, I have a daughter with high medical needs , she is all there in mind and is a beautiful little girl who suffers from something like MS. She needs to stay on her medications and needs certain supplies on a regular basis, the only way I can get her order is Canada post which I ordered just before the strike! I do not have that kind of money to reorder and figure something out and she needs her meds that are specific for her formula, this could be a life and death situation for her as she needs them. Its hurting small businesses and people need their checks to live off of! If I were a postal worker I begin to strike against union to go back to work, and if I were Harper I would take the wages increase for the time being to pay back all the damages done to those businesses that have suffered and people who have been affected by this in a harmful manner! It is unfair to those who are innocent! What I got paid and the work I did in longterm care before my daughter was born deserves increased wages and better benefits, now I have no income other than my spouses which caused us to loose alot including our home, no job because I tend to my daughters needs 24 – 7, lost our son last year to a viral that attacked his heart and then the economy has to suffer over something petty like this affecting us all in different ways. and the Union locks down for what they already get in good wages, they get paid well! There are many people who would be gratefful for that kind of income! If its so bad there then go work in a hospital where you put your life at risk everyday with patients who hit, or may have HIV and spit in you eyes , deal with body fliuds , work 12 hours rotation shifts and extra hours because of shortage and work overload,help carefully lift 260 pounds,take on family concerns and the liabilities of peoples lives, or how about labour jobs! But do your job with heart because those are still people!I say this is petty very petty and I use to support NDP but they have made themselves look no better than the rest of them!My son died from a viral pneumonia last year, this year I did not get my daughters meds in time because it took a little bit longer, she ended up with a viral pneumonia and a collapsed lung! She is only three years and my son was only 3 months when he passed! Its not fair that a child or anyone should suffer so much over the greed! Lead not into temptation!

  43. I am so tired of all the union B.S!! Petty Petty Petty. It amazes me as to how naive these unions are! DO THEY REALLY THINK THEIR DEMANDS WILL ALWAYS BE MET WITH NO CAP….. EVER!!! They’re friggin NUTS if they do!
    Anyway, what gets my dander up about this situation is now it’s costing me money and putting my company in jeopardy!! People say find other alternatives to Canada Post. Ok….so I tell my customers to tell their customers to tell their customers to TELL THIER CUSTOMERS and so on and so on…….to stop using Canada Post!!!? How realistic is this!!?
    Have Puralator or UPS deliver the cheques. Ok Great…no problem. However, when my customers aren’t receiving cheques from down the line, then they aren’t WRITING cheques to me. This is a huge friggin problem. I can go without pay….no problem. It’s the sacrifice an owner has to face. What do I do to help my 30 employees!? While these union reps are fighting over a dollar or two……what about those that are loosing ALL of their dollars and their careers!!! Why should my loyal workers be made to sacrifice their lives and income for union greed that they have no part in!!!
    Don’t get me wrong….I believe every worker deserves what’s fair. Treat your workers well and they will be loyal for years to come. However, I think its time that Canada Post find a way to BUST this union and start over, because this Union has CLEARLY lost it’s mind!!

  44. Sadly, although people want to attack Jack Layton for “not stepping up” for small businesses, he has very little say as the conservatives got the majority vote. Yes he participates to a degree but can’t do a whole lot other wise. My husband is a blue collar guy and thankfully is union. I don’t agree with the postal strike but the reality is alot of these people have families to support and need those benefits and extra pay. Part of life is supporting each other even when things get hard and not attacking each other regardless of what is going on. I do agree that the postal strike needs to end for the sake of the economy but sometimes a little understanding and support goes along way.

  45. Sadly, many people don’t understand that these folks have a legal and constitutional right to negotiate their labour. Canadians spend billions of dollars to set up democratic institutions in places like Afghanistan and yet lack a basic understanding-and at times don’t even support-the civil, human, and democratic rights that they have had no direct hand in obtaining yet are so blessed to have.

    Canadians would do better to look less at the loss of income of this disruption and more at the gradual and continual loss of their rights. But they don’t, economics always trumps democratic principles-until they themselves are directly effected of course.

    Lament for a Nation-indeed.

  46. I understand why this strike is happening, in a sense. But I really do hope they realize how much business they are losing. My company alone has switched 16 companies who pay us (bi-weekly) to direct deposit and 35 different suppliers/bills to direct deposit as well. We aren’t exactly a large company either. We now have very, very few things that go through Canada Post.

    From one small company alone they’ve lost a minumum $40 a month already.

    I know there will never be a day where Canada Post isn’t in business, because regardless there are things to be sent out via CP, be it pension chqs, mailings from people who aren’t comfortable using the internet etc.
    But I do imagine there will be a fair amount of jobs lost by Canada Post workers because their volumes will be decreasing exponentially. This strike/lockout will cost them in the long run, and I feel bad for the employees who DIDN’T want a strike but have been locked out of their job and may ultimately lose it because of this decision made by others.

    It’s a sad situation and I wish the government would step in and mandate them back to work, because with every day that passes, more and more people are switching customers and suppliers to other methods of payment. They are switching gas/phone/cable/407/electricity bills to an e-mail format rather than being mailed.

    This will have a lasting effect. No doubt about it.

  47. Too everyone that keeps saying that it is possible to switch completely from Canada Post, I beg to differ.
    I work for a small company, all our incoming payments are all electronic, however, our suppliers and the smaller companies that we need to pay for services do not have email or electronic billing, are not registered at the financial institutions for payments, and can’t even send me a copy of an invoice so that I can courier a cheque over to them. I can’t pay what I don’t receive.

    I have NO pension (other than what I deposit into a bank account from my own paycheque), I have NO sick days (let alone banked sick days), I have NO benefits (other than what I supply myself through Alberta Blue Cross (at my own expense)). I make less than what they want future (not even working for Canada Post) employees are making, and they are mad. I can’t seem to find any sympathy. Most jobs are like this. These are called Benefits, not Neccessities.

    Hopefully NDP can realize that they are not helping anyone out, and work with the government to get employees back to work. Maybe a strike that had some real meaning, but REALLY?????

  48. Usually if you hate your job or think it’s conditions are bad, you leave. You don’t publicly whine about it and blackmail the country. But postal workers don’t want to leave because they know their jobs, benefits, massive vacation times (many workers get 4-8 weeks of vacation) are REALLY GOOD. They know they have a good thing. Their cushy jobs have turned them into brats who only think of “me, me, me”. “Working” for a living seems to be lost on them.

    I don’t care to argue whether this is a strike or a lockdown. It doesn’t matter. The point is that postal workers want to blackmail the country into giving them what they want (how like terrorists). I totally support the government ordering them back to work. If they gave in to postal workers’ demands there would only be more and more strikes, every time postal workers throw hissy fits. Hooray Stephen Harper for having a backbone! I want a leader, not some wishy-washy scaredy cat, afraid to end this utter farce, afraid of loosing votes. Let’s end this strike/lockdown now.

  49. I want my mail

    - Edit

    I really do not support any strike in any developed country. Business is business. .. if you believe you deserve more than what your current employer can afford then go find another employer who agree with you.. please don’t whin or force your employer to give you more at the expense of the innocent citizens. we all do work hard and we earn our living. Mr/mrs postman you should be greatful that you do have a job to begin with.

    1. I want my mail

      - Edit

      oh btw.. I hope we don’t need to pay for your OT to get your job done once the strike/lockout is over.

      I never get OT allowance to get my job done ( I’m talking about the extra hours of work that i put in and not the time that i need to catch up after calling sick or getting back to work from vacation, or in this case, the strike). I was taught that I need to get my job done no matter what.. this is called work ethics!!!

      1. you are right
        PASS THIS ON
        Every Canada post employee got a bonus of over $1000.00 this year because the corp made a profit…and this is what CUPW does in return? and after a generous offer for wage increases, penison and benefit package You are right CUPW is greedy greedy greedy. I am a postie, and would have kissed their feet at the first offer management gave to CUPW

  50. sick and tired

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    This ridiculous strike is hurting our economy so much. Federal workers should not have the right to strike … and for those who feel sorry for the workers — don’t because they’re the ones who voted for it! Unions are too controlling and so unnecessary in this day and age — we have labour laws in place! No unions, no problems!

    1. I agree. Time for the postal workers and the NDP government to rely on the postal service for their income.

  51. There have been comments made here that people don’t know what they are talking about. First of all, all government workers (all, provincial, municipal and federal) get benefits, which include sick leave, pensions, vacation and very good wages. Let’s talk about the perks of the military. They get paid very well, have lots of vacation time etc. Teachers only work 9 months of the year, the moment the snow flies school is cancelled…I could go on and on not to mention the folks who are management in the Crown Corporation of Canada Post. You don’t believe that management doesn’t have big salaries, bonuses, vacation time (that is equal to or greater than the employees) give your head a shake. By the way, when you are locked out of your job, you don’t get paid. So here we are 2 weeks lockout, but my bills are still waiting for me to pay them whether I get the bill in the mail or not…this is not a happy time for my family and for those of you who would like to trade places, think hard. I’m sure lots of you get raises..get vacations and benefits. Please don’t act like the Postal workers are the only ones who get these benefits!

  52. Jeanne Johnsey

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    I am citizen of the US, but since I have a package, that I am very eager to receive, sitting in a Canadian post office awaiting the end of this strike, I’m interested in keeping up with the progress of the strike.
    It’s interesting to read some of the comments. Hard to tell if this is really a lockout or a strike, since the waters seem kind of muddied by the way things came about. And it isn’t clear whether the postal workers are trying to get raises or avoid cuts. Ultimately, what they are fighting is the continual downward pressure against wages and economic security for all working people, since pressure of union wages and benefits help raise the bar for even non-union workers.
    Apparently you are having the same kinds of liberal vs conservative struggles we are having here in the US; with the private workers being pitted against public. This is sad to see, since I’ve always thought of Canada as a very progressive society that had settled some of these issues long ago.
    Guess they are never settled, really.
    To paraphrase our former President Eisenhower, The price of decent living wages (which is a necessary component of real freedom) is eternal vigilance.
    Jeanne Johnsey

  53. Allison Seaward

    - Edit

    This strike is getting rediculous, does the government even give a shit about the rest of the country…they should have put the back-to-work legestlation done a week ago before it got so damn crazy…there are people such as myself that need the postal service what are we going to get our mail off of the greyhound. im in a rural area away from alot of the big cities such as grande prairie and edmonton. many of us need to pay our bills. the ndp should just shut their mouths and get over theirselves and let the bill go through so the rest of the country can get back to their regular routines and lives.

  54. I dont really care about their wages as far as I see they make good money and get bood benifits. I could care less I just want my package which I have requested for 3 weeks now. This is pissing off and I feel like going down there and going hostile on them. I feel sorry for thoes that rely on mail for their business and have to loose business and workers because of greedy fools. Im really annoyed, I have plans that are put on hold because of these selffish ingrates. I hope that this ends soon. The government should be demanding them to go back to work asap.

  55. As of June 14th postal workers have been locked out of there work places by Canada Post management. So, it is Canada Post management that has caused this “work stoppage”. The public has a right to know the truth about this issue and many media sources are still (10 days later) reporting it as a strike. Canada Post management has done this to cause the government to legislate (dictate) postal workers back because they know that the majority Conservative government will allow them to get a better deal than the collective bargaining (democratic) process would allow. This action sets an ugly precedent that will likely play out often for the next 4 years. Wake up Canada! This is what workers get, and have always gotten, from a Conservative majority government. Remember it four years from now when it’s once again time to decide who is going to call the shots in Ottawa!

    Those that suggest postal workers are over compensated for the jobs that they do you are smart enough to realize that these ARE “good jobs” but they are not smart enough to realize how they got that way. They got that way by organizing (forming a union) and fighting against right wing corporate and government adgendas for the past 45 years! Why isn’t anyone complaining about how much salary CEO’s get paid or complaining about all the tax breaks for big corporations and what about all the tax loopholes for the wealthy? The truth is that in our society the rich ARE getting richer, the poor ARE getting poorer and the middle is struggling like mad just to stay in the middle! And for that struggle the middle is ridiculed by ill-informed critics who can’t recognize that they have been sold a “profit before people” business mantra that has become so widely accepted it doesn’t even occur to them to question it. What will the end result of this “race to the bottom” be? A society in which all of its citizens compete against each other for minimum wage jobs, rent crummy apartments from slum lords and buy only the cheapest goods and services from the largest retail giants? Is this the Canadian dream? I certainly hope not!

  56. On March 18th I applied for a capital one mastercard & I have been waiting 3 months for it! They use snail mail for everything & just after I got my card I find out I’m have to wait another 3 days for the pin to come in to activate it! Well that got stuck in the strike! This is BS cause I’m getting married in 28 days! Get those postal worker back to work NOW! I HAVE MORE THINGS TO PURCHASE BEFORE MY WEDDING & I CANNOT WAIT ANY LONGER! I’VE BEEN IN TEARS OVER THIS!

  57. small business

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    It is time for Canada Post to get back to work….the economy has been affected, businesses are doing layoffs…consumers are being treated like crap from companies as in telecommunications etc if their bills are not paid on time and some companies that offer services still use manual payments as in cheque by mail in small business….
    Jack Layton, totally as gone against his word….supporting the economy and small businesses …if he supports one union like this he better be prepared to support all unions in the future….after the affect of the canada post strike lets see how many votes NDP gets next time around …
    So many industries are affected by this strike …and for the postal workers , how fare is it that on a regular work day a worker gets paid until 4pm and is teeing off on the golf course at 11am ….something wrong with that picture ….?
    Time to legislate them back to work with no further delay…!

  58. I can’t even order my special condoms online from, because they only ship via canada post!!!

  59. What a bunch of whining little babies. This is why I hate unions. My posty gonna get a surprise when they come back to work.

  60. Patricia Wood

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    These Unions are who the NDP works to support. Those who voted for them, how do you feel now?

  61. Any one working for a non-govt institute knows well enough, no show at work gets you fired! If I would have owned Canada Post I would have locked out the workers too, get new workers to get the work going or shut down operations if it is not financially viable. The union leaders led the postal workers into believing that they will be able to get raise and benefits, sadly they were trying to close the eyes on the important fact that technology is advancing and the postal worker job will be more at stake with every passing year. Imagine how many signed up with e-post billing just after the strike???? Yes the small business are getting affected however at the same time several small businesses encouraged their customers to sign-up for auto debt during past 1 week. Soon the day will be here when Canada post will be laying off the postal workers like any private sector industry! Will the postal worker go on strike again???? It is our tax money which runs Canada Post, strikes should be banned by legislation and if there is any labour law out there, just fire every one who went on strike specifically these union leaders who created this mess and hire new workers. At least it will open the door to those who are sitting on bench and waiting for a job. At least that will teach a lesson to those who think strike is the option by making tax payers suffer.

  62. I wish I could find a job with a crown corporation that guaranteed 25 CAD/hour; job security; and required minimal education (enough to misdirect the odd letter/parcel). Perhaps the Post Office should be subcontracting mail sorting and mail delivery to private industry. Isn’t the minimum wage about 12 CAD/hour. I keep forgetting that the NDP are the opposition now. Scarey, I still remember Bob Rae days in Ontario.

  63. I think Canada post should give the workers what they want but only have a 3 day work week. We don’t get enough mail to warrant delivery 5 days a week. When we had roving strikes and only getting mail Monday Wednesday and Friday it was fine. That would save a ton of money.

  64. It surprises me how ignorant some people really are. I guess its not your fault when you believe everything you read, after all the media only posts the facts, thats why the country is in the turmoil it is…. right?.
    The headlines you may be following are anything but the truth, perhaps you need to interview the average employee at Canada Post to learn that not every employee gets 7 weeks vacation nor are they guaranteed a full pension at 55. In order to qualify for these options you must put in your 32 years of service, which is a life time dedication to a company.
    Should only government employees or CEO’s in large companies be entitled to collect a pension or a decent pay for time dedicated? Opinions are your free right, however tainting the truth by posting inaccurate information will continue to destroy this country. Leave the media out of these battles, if you feel you need to jump on the bandwagon before posting your comments to which you know nothing about, do your homework!!!
    These are everyday people paying taxes, spending money supporting our economy that we all enjoy. By comparing Canada Post employees to a pizza delivery person is not a fair comparison if we all made 10.00 per hour for what someone else thought a job was worth, there would be NO CPP for any Canadian to collect as the country would be bankrupt.

  65. are you hiring ? many people out of work , or need change of work…pretty sure you can have full staff asap..let us know !

  66. I only read a few comments but enough to know some of you don’t understand why Canada Post emplyees need our support. If it wasn’t for them there would be no maternity leave, or paternity leave, various benefits they found hard to get us. We’d all be working long hours with little in the way of pay. They allowed us to be treated as humans. Don’t be so silly as to thumb your noses at all they’ve done for the working people.

  67. I only read a few comments but enough to know some of you don’t understand why Canada Post emplyees need our support. If it wasn’t for them there would be no maternity leave, or paternity leave, and various benefits they fought hard to get us. We’d all be working long hours with little in the way of pay. They allowed us to be treated as humans. Don’t be so silly as to thumb your noses at all they’ve done for the working people.

  68. Well, I have an internet business, and now people are demanding free product because of the delay. How is that fair, Marie?? Should I give my product away for no fault of my own????? I work my ass off, and now I get slapped in the face and am having a difficult time paying my bills because we cannot send out product we sell. Do you think that’s fair????? Why would they be allowed to cripple my business?? In an already hurting economy, we need to make sure things keep moving.

  69. Prepare for Massive Layoffs

    - Edit

    You spoiled unionized postal workers should count your lucky stars that you are working for a government corporation & be grateful for having a job in these tough economic times.
    You should be happy with a 0% wage increase as long as you keep your job. But Noooooooooo, you want more & more. Well, guess what’ll happen if you settle on a 1.75-3.00% increase? 3% of your workers will be laid-off! This is ON TOP of the layoffs that are bound to occur because of the CPC’s decline in mail volumes & record losses.
    Because of this labour disruption, all those companies that held out and continued to use snail-mail will find alternate ways of delivering their bills/invoices/flyers etc. which will compound the decline of mail volumes.
    All I can say is: I hope you saved up your pennies because you are about to join the rest of us unemployed Canadians in the soup lines. Prepare for massive Layoffs!

  70. Some postal workers don’t agree with the strike. It wasn’t exactly majority vote for strike action. The only people that went out to vote were people who are hardcore about the union. The voting was also set up in such a way that most full timers were able to vote whereas the part-timers would find it to be exceedingly difficult do to time or distance. So its not everyone it is a small percentage that are making the rest of us look bad.

    Btw Postal workers don’t get seven weeks of vacation right off the bat. we earn an extra week ever four or five years.

  71. $18/hr for sorting the mail – Really??? And they are complaining – I say fire all of them and I’m pretty sure they will have line ups of people applying for those same jobs for less wages…Give me a break!

  72. I am appalled with Canada Post, for performing the lockout and then with the NDP prolonging this farther. I am working for a small business who depends on the mail to have cheques sent out and receive payments. So much for the NDP saying they are for small business. Layton is one of the reasons I voted for the Conservatives out here in Alberta. Mr. Layton, your common sense has left the building and leaving you vulnerable to attacks from those who voted for you.

  73. I am a US seller on Ebay, trying to ship winning auctions to Canada. Does anyone know what other types of service is available to get items shipped into Canada without costing my Candian customers an arm and a leg?

  74. It is really unfair of all parties to sit on mail that is in the system. I could stand with them if they weren’t holding so much hostage. They are really doing a disservice to all of their customers by not making the deliveries they promised to make. Tell me you don’t want any more mail submitted because you won’t deliver it and I’ll find an alternative while you work things out. What has been done is a theft against all who entrusted letters and packages to the system when it was operational.

  75. GREAT REVIEW! I totally agree with pretty much all you said in your post, especially at the beggining of your article. Thank you, this info is very useful as always. Keep up the good work! You’ve got +1 more reader of your super blog:) Isabella S.

  76. Scott Christensen

    - Edit

    I am unemployed. It’s amazing what employers want for 11 bucks per hr. I would gladly take ANY postal job and not complain. I pay my taxes and cannot find a real job. I have a family to feed. These BASTARDS have no idea what it’s like to be hungry.

  77. I understand that everyone has their own side of the issue, but what is definite about this is that a) it’s a lockout (started out as a strike, but is now a lockout), b) both sides believe that they’re in the right, so they’re not willing to budge.

    Let’s ride this out.

    The union believes in one thing and the company believes in the other.

    The NDP is protecting the interest of the employees in the union, and you just need to understand where they’re coming from. The union is being paid to make the workplace setting fair for these people. They were having a rotation in strikes so the mail would be somewhat affected. The full lockout was the actual cause of the halt on mail delivery. If you were in the NDP’s shoes, wouldn’t you do what they did? You would want to stand up for the right of these workers because it’s the right thing to do. You’re protecting the people’s interest.

    Let’s say that you’ve become quite unhappy with your workplace, and you took it to the union. You find that a lot of people in your workplace also had the same predicament. You tell the union what you want, and they try to get what is fair. When what is fair is not accepted by the workplace, you are authorized to go on a strike. When talks between the two do not achieve a middle line, you continue the strike. When the workplace gets sick of it, they proceed with a lockout. You still believe what you believe, and ‘they’ still believe what they believe. You’re now stuck. If the law is passed, then you have to go back to work with this ‘unfair’ feeling within you, and you become unsatisfied with the job. You’re then stuck with the job because seniority in these jobs offer more than starting anew somewhere else. You have to pay bills, and live off with what you want. Those who think it’s easy to leave and get another job is just not connecting in the situation.

    It’s an inconvience to consummers, but you just have to understand and accept it, and then find a way around it (like what others have said).

    My family owns a small business, and I have government student loans. We can’t do anything about it. If we want to send out checks that have been stuck in the mail, then we stop that check, write another one, and we personally send it to the billing department. If you need a courier, then use one. Pass it off as a business expense. It’s reasonable. If you have student loans, pick up the document or the cheque at a designated place. If you can’t, then you can’t. Just get a deferral. If they charge you a late fee, either eat it (that’s what I’m doing since my university is not taking to account the delay) or take it up to the finance department (voice your opinion).

    Even ebay is telling its sellers and buyers that they’re going to protect the sellers’ interest due to the strike.

    People should do what they can to manage amidst this problem, because if we crumble now, then what are we going to do if something greater comes by. You now know how reliant you are in the system, and the best thing that’s going to come out of it is the strengthening of your own system to improve your business and the establishment of protocols if something similar does happen.

    It seems unfair, but life is unfair. What you do with your situation is what defines you as a person and as a business owner. Innovation and problem solving is the key. That’s why you started your business. If you can’t find a way, then you make a way.

    I know a lot of people would disagree with me, but many would agree. If you care about your business and your employees, then you must find a way to make your employees happy and make your business grow at the same time. If this mail lockout drags you down, then what would happen if your system crashes or when someone hacks your computers and displays all its contents online? There are greater problems that can drag you down, and a mail lockout shouldn’t.

    Always take the bad occurrences as experiences you learn from and not to dwell on.

  78. Just a note, I voted for NDP and I don’t feel bad for voting them. I think they’re just doing the best that they can to voice the opinions of EVERYONE. Every single type of people. May it be postal workers amidst this lockout.

  79. I think all postal workers should be shot and pissed on… and whoever supports this strike/lock out can suck my pole.

  80. I don’t think it’s quite fair to berate all postal workers for the strike. I belong to a union as well and I know that when my union rep casts a vote, none of the general staff’s opinion really gets taken into account. My profession does not allow for strike action, but if it did, I know it really would not matter what the individual employees think. The decision of the union is final. I am glad to be part of a union, because in the case of unjust treatment or discrimination by an employer the union will advocate on your behalf. I must say though, unions do not always represent the feelings of the general employee pool. They cant be just as corrupt as any organization. So, try not to blame every individual postal worker.

  81. It’s interesting how quick things get resolved when a threat of strike happen’s in December, but when it is any other month of the year this happens. The one then who struggles/suffers is small business,who depend on payments to come in via post.

  82. scott christensen

    - Edit

    Reply to “Anon”. You make some great points, however I think perhaps you have never been hungry. I wonder what it looks like where you are writing from?

    If work place safety is the issue, why are they after more pay? I have a family to feed. At The current hourly rate of pay, alot of people like myself would be more than happy. They are nothing but greedy pigs. Perhaps you can’t see that, my family sure can..

  83. Tell me something Mr Goverment….Who is going to pay for us small business that are slowly going under due to this lock out/strike? How would it be, If all Canadians working all agreed, we aint paying tax this year, after all, we are paying taxes for what? To be drove to bankrupt?

  84. Valerie Taller

    - Edit

    Lucky I have my day job!! On the side, I sell wonderful things to wonderful people all over the world on Ebay, and guess what! They are waiting and waiting! This happened people when just the day before the strike happened I was TOLD by the postal worker that “if I paid $25. more I would get the parcel faster to my lady in the States!”
    So I did ship this way, and my lady did pay for this! Then the very next day I hear the parcel is just sitting there! Not fair to any of us! Come on, please go back to work all of you! Enough is’ve made your point. We need you already! You are a Requirement of humanity, since “the wagon train went through rain or sleet or hail to bring the Mail!”
    Imagine if the police or the nurses or any of us went on strike! Would we have a job the next day?? I think not!

  85. I’ve any neighborhood venture and Yahoo provides Four a number of item listings because of it, which are usually completely wrong. How do I generate the proper itemizing and also delete the others? Bing doesn’t show everywhere recommendations on how you can do this, that i can notify.

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