Family Day In Canada! What Is Open And Closed

Family Day In Canada! What Is Open And Closed
Family Day In Canada! What Is Open And Closed
Family Day In Canada 2012: What Is Open And Closed

Family Day promises loads of fun for Canadians this year. Held on the third Monday of February in the provinces of Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Family Day is meant to emphasize the importance of family life among communities.

It has only been celebrated for a relatively short time; 1990 was the earliest instance in Alberta, and was only instituted in Ontario in 2008.

This holiday, most shops and businesses will be closed during the holiday to allow more families to be together. School is let out in the three provinces.

However, in the race to get ahead and to provide sufficient activities for those seeking it, some businesses will remain open. As a rule of thumb, skating rinks and other outdoor activities will be open.

Check with your community website or town hall for discounted admission prices. Some communities organize events, such as concerts, in honor of Family Day, which also happens to fall on National Heritage Day.

Many museums, as well as the zoo in Toronto, will be open and will offer discounted prices. The Toronto Star, one of Toronto’s main newspapers, reports that although Library services will be closed throughout Ontario, the post offices will remain open.

Movie theatres are another popular destination of families and will also be open.

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  1. well, it is a useless day, outdoors activities are available and the temperature is -15 feels like – 20……. either open the Malls or indoor activities in order to us families enjoy this day, or change the date of Family day and make it in the summer …. …….!!!!!

    1. It makes sense to have a holiday in February, people are suffering from cabin fever and it give a reprieve from the mundane. It is great to have a day off, and as far as it being cold, it never ceases to amaze me but we have to be the only Nordic country in the world were people complain about the cold.

    2. Enter your name...yourdumb

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      emma if you force malls (retail) to work this holiday your mean, and selfish. retail workers get almost no holidays… I get xmas / thanksgiving / easter, I another holiday. if you want retail shops open you and other luck people that that get EVERY holiday off can go work to provide the opportunity for some of us to have a day off with family.

    3. It’s pathetic to think that there are families who need shopping in order for them to enjoy this day. How very sad. What about taking on a project together, baking, playing some board or video games or just relaxing and either reading or watching some movies. Geez people, I am at work, you are off, enjoy!

    4. why would you expect the malls to be open? Do people that work at the malls not have families? i think they would want to enjoy the day as well? Go get an old movie and watch it together as a family…. play a board game……. crafts are anther good thing to do with a family…. there are plenty of things to do with out spendign money…. also it is very rude to expect everyone else to work and be open, im sure they want to see their families….

  2. Dalton is public enemy #1

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    The best way to celebrate family day is by going to see the public hanging of Dalton McGuinty – the greatest enemy of families ever known to Ontarians.

    All we need to get this organized is to have a quick trial to convict this sob and we will be good to go.

  3. With a birth rate around 1.5 and falling, there’s only one Family Day activity that’ll save this pathetic country, and it’s done in bed.

  4. Part of the contemporary feminismst platform is the utter destruction of the nuclear family. They refer to heterosexual housewives as “Breeders”. This holiday drives them crazy!

    1. Darren, you are refering to the Fem Nazis, who seem to want the right to be breeders as well. I wonder if they see this distincion?

    2. Actually no. The term “breeder” comes from the gay community. I’m a breeder and it cracks me up πŸ™‚ Every now and then, I think it’s nice to be reminded that one’s life style isn’t the center of the universe. A lot of feminists have families, and parts of their goals is greater fairness and opportunities for all women, including mothers. Educate yourself.

      1. Marie says ‘Educate’ yourself. She obviously hasn’t educated herself with cores sources of Feminism with the likes of Andrea Dworkin. Plus I know a lesbian couple who as wholly repudiated and ridiculed by man hating bigoted lesbian feminists. They say that they are behaving like f$#%ING Breeders.

  5. What the hell. πŸ˜‰ Why are you showing a holiday in Feb, with a bunch of people under a clear blue sky, all wearing summer garb?


    1. Only Daddy dalton could have screwed this up.I want to be where those people are in the sunshine. Unfortunately that means leaving Canada to spend my money in the sun. Good God dalton take your head out of your arse.

  6. What a fabulous way to marginalize childless people while encouraging stupid people to continue adding useless offspring to an already-overpopulated world!

    1. Sorry Jana, Canada is underpopulated, do not worry though Immigration Canada is bringing in 280,000 cab drivers and 7eleven clercks this year.

  7. Since when do you have to go somewhere to enjoy extra time with your family. Yep, it’s crazy cold outside today & the snow is rock hard, so sledding plans have changed. We have plenty of cookies that need baking, a model airplane waiting for paint and some board game ready to bust out of the box!
    I didn’t get this holiday in my former job, but now do. I love it!

    Stop complaining and spend some time together.

    1. Not all people get this holiday LakeLover. Who will watch the kids whos parent has to work. There are single parents who do not get this holiday and can not afford to miss a day of work.

      1. So True …… I know my Hubby has to work, So if it is family day EVERYONE should get it off not just a selected few…. BUT if everyone got it off not even the movies would be open….. And if they do work they get paid time and a half if I’m not mistaken. So it could be a Choice … not a forced choice.( it’s a catch 22)

      1. Oops – the inline thread makes it look like I was commenting on Greg’s post; when, in fact, my “awesome response” comment was for LakeLover. πŸ™‚

    1. Hello Ann Cooper! Perhaps you neglected to notice it is a holiday in three Provinces, making that a Provincial holiday not a Federal holiday!

  8. The holiday is in February to give people a day off between Xmas/New Years and Easter. Chill the **** out and enjoy a day off at home.

    1. True …If you are lucky to get it use it wisely. If you don’t get if off Bank your extra pay and take a day later πŸ™‚ …. It’s a Choice !

  9. Yup, some people don’t get this ONE DAY off. I have never had the option of extended family childcare so have always had to pay for it. …and like I said, I have only recently had this as a holiday myself, so I get it, you have to scramble to get childcare for ONE DAY that comes around every year, how could you ever plan for that?

    BTW, I’m completely self-employed and am actually losing money today if I choose to think of things that way. But I don’t.

    Jana, you need a hug. Family is not only your children, but also your friends. Really people get over yourselves & accept a little opportunity to do something other than whine.

    Rant done, now on to Catan!

  10. And in Manitoba we celebrate the life of a mentally insane murdering seditionist who was hung for his crimes against the people of Canada. Most Manitobans spend the day inside….. too ashamed to show their faces.

  11. Fully agree with LakeLover. I mean, wow – how terrible does your life have to be (applied to most of those who’ve left comments here) that you can turn a simple news article about Family Day (a holiday, mind) into a bitter rant about anything and everything?

    Dress warmly, get outside, enjoy the sunshine and the snow (we DO live in Canada, remember?!) and live your life with your families.

    I actually LOL’d at some of your comments and complaints. So sad to live your life under such a cloud of bitterness … πŸ™‚

  12. There are three Provinces celebrate Family Day. Yet the only reference to what is opened in listed for Toronto. As well as what is closed on Ontario! Only Toronto thinks they are the centre of the universe! What a typical “Middle Canada” article!

  13. It always amazes me how so many citizens in this country have grown up into unhappy, ungrateful whiners. Forums like this expose their ignorance, their false bravado (for they would never speak the same when face-to-face). What kind of person complains about having a day off??? Sorry it’s cold, though surely that’s nothing new; get creative, learn how to have fun together inside (and no, not inside a mall full of cookie-cutter stores so you can increase your credit card debt). “Cookies to be baked,” that’s fantastic!

    Success really is determined by attitude. I had no idea how lucky I was to be born in Canada until I travelled to other countries; this really is one of the best places to live on the planet. Decide you’re going to enjoy the holiday, then get out of bed and see what happens…

  14. WOW. Where does all this negative stuff come from? Talk about getting off track.

    Enjoy your day. Get out, go visit you friends, family or just stay at home and play with you kids. If no kids, rent one, they are the ones that will make you enjoy life a little more.
    Have a great day.

  15. Kitty cattin' it

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    I have to ask, these event’s for family day is all well in good, but… All of the things mentioned here is all very costly… whatever happened to having a family day event where you didn’t spend any money o-O? we’re in an economic slump after all.. ‘suggesting’ a movie theater (mom, dad, timmy, tommy and lilly + drinks candy etc. = 50 – 60$)and later posting an article people are 1000000000$$ in debt. @-@ Seriously I can’t imagine why this is o-O? ….

  16. Notice how it is non-essential people who have Family Day off. All essential workers ( specialy front line responders) stay on the job so you lazy and non productive ones can spend yet another day off in your track pants, baseball caps munching on fast food and swilling pop. Yes I am talking about you IT gurus,teachers and many government types.

  17. If I take family day off, I lose the August Civic Holiday. So, I’m at work and my family (wife and two kids), are at home having a nice time without me. Thanks for nothing (again) Dalton.

  18. Give me a break….family day is every day…a teacher must of thought of this one…another day off for them.
    Next it will be a stat day & the employer will again be stuck paying out with no work in! Ridiculous

  19. Why bother having a useless holiday, winter is the time to chill and summer is the time to chill out,
    some people would rather work at their job then being at home bored to death, a useless day without pay.

    people that own sites to approve comments and the comments on this page are workers.
    the TV, since they put shows on TV, phones, services,

    hospitals in case if a idiot or accident happens,

    the point is family day should be avoided,
    sorry every one but i don’t wanna be rude, we don’t need excuses for this fake holiday.

  20. Gotta laugh at the retail mall employees complaining about having to work. Maybe you should get better jobs that don’t make you work on stat holidays.

    Live in BC, don’t get this day off, but I get 5 weeks vacation per year anyway, so I don’t give a crap. As a government worker, I’ll get both Good Friday and Easter Monday off, with pay, which is nice.

  21. There will be a day in your older years that you will look back at your life. Some of you will feel fulfilled and not have a longing to wish you could go back in time and use that 1 day for time with your family. Lets hope though that it doesn’t take Family day to express love and gratitude and time spent together to do so.

    My husband and I wake up daily being greatful for our family and throughout the day make sure everyone knows they are loved respected and cared for. We are fortunate enough not to need that day for family time.We still make it exciting for our children. Making funny pancakes, bonfire,skating, Hot chocolate siong ect…… I hope you can all experience this
    Happy Family Day !

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