Different Colleges? Here Are The Ways To Connect To Your Friends

School friends are often parted when they are about to enter college. No doubt that you will miss your friend right after they leave and you will eagerly want to connect with them every time. Often you will fail to do so. That doesn’t mean that you are not important to him or her anymore. It simply means that he or she is going through teething troubles. It is obviously difficult to adjust to new college or city and it definitely takes time. Rather than being upset about it, you need to give your friend the space to adjust to that change.

So, what are the ways to connect to your friends?

  • Make a call


It is tempting to stick to audio messages or text messages because of the hectic schedules, but a phone call even over Whatsapp is worth the time. If you are a starter, pick a day and time where both of you will be available, say weekends! Get going.

  • Share photo stories

Photo stories can be for those friends who are no longer in the same city. If you want to make your friend feel special and stay connected, then sharing photo stories can be one of the coolest ways to stay connected. Make the best out of photo apps like Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram to keep each other updated about everything that is happening in your life. It can be as silly as whatsapping a quick snap of you from a party!

  • Use social media

The world is connected with the help of social media. Social media is undoubtedly the biggest life-saver when it comes to staying in touch. If your friend lives abroad then social media can be the most inexpensive way to stay connected. It becomes easier to deal with time as well. It is like feeling each others presence.

  • How about Skype?

When the distance becomes a problem, Skype comes to the rescue. If it has been long that you have seen your friend and eagerly want to share your recent stories then a video chat on Skype is all you need. Yes, deciding the time might be a problem but when there is a will there is a way right? Also, it is so much better than audio messages and voice calls. You will be seeing each other live!

  • Send some goodies

Everyone loves to receive surprise gifts, even something as simple as a handwritten letter. Just because you can’t be present during each other’s birthday or other important life events does not mean that you have to be completely cut off from their life. You can send any type of goodies to your friends which you think will make him or her happy.

  • Plan a visit

Planning a visit can be a great idea to surprise your best friend. However, it is often not possible if your friend lives in another country. If you can afford to visit each other, then there is nothing quite like it. Then again you can meet up when both of you are home during exams.