Canadians, Think Before You Ink

It is often seen that a lot of people who get tattooed end up hating it. They initially get excited and come with varieties of ideas to ink themselves, but later they have the feel of repentance. To many, the concept of tattoos is fascinating. They see others and get motivated to get inked. They say that they “want to be cool”. It later changes to “now I feel embarrassed and try to keep it covered every time”.

People are now fascinated by abstract tattoos of anchors and arrows. A person interviewed said that “I got a chain of Chinese letters. However, little did I know that employers would not find it cool. I regret the placement of my wrist tattoo”. People usually don’t think of the future. They just ink themselves at the heat of the moment without giving any thought to the future consequences.

According to a new survey in, four in ten people with tattoos end up hating it. And one in six hates their tattoos so much that they want to remove it surgically.

You should understand that making a tattoo is for a lifetime. If it goes wrong, you might spend your nights crying. Even if you are sure that the tattoo is well thought through, can you ever be sure that you won’t regret? Will you be still proud of your tattoo about 30 years from now or maybe when you become a grandparent? A tattoo should be such that you can cherish for the rest of your life.

Well, it always helps if you don’t get your tattoo early on in life. A person said “I had to do about 1000 cover up tattoos in my life and most of them were names and portraits. This might sound funny but I would advise everyone to not go for such tattoos. There is a great chance that you will regret later”.

It should be known to all that tattoo removal process is not only painful but also pretty difficult. People end up doing cover up tattoos instead of going through the painful removal process. The area may have blisters after tattoo removal and leave you scarred for life. Even if you do laser treatment, the mark of the tattoo (while fuzzy) will remain. Also, the tattoo removal process is very expensive in addition to bearing the extreme pain.

It is not intended to scare you but to pass a message that if you prepare carefully for a tattoo, you should end up happy.




Do not get a tattoo-

  • When you are too young. You might be embarrassed later in life for the design you made.
  • On an exposed area of your body if you are in a conventional profession.
  • Copied from a celebrity.
  • Done by a roadside artist. You may get an infection and a botched job.
  • Of your significant other’s face or name. If you must be romantic there are other ways to show love.
  • If you are not 100 percent sure that you will love the design even when you are old.