Canadian Athletes Return Home With A Supportive Welcome

After a great and an unexpected performance in Summer Olympics 2016, several Canadian athletes touched homeland again today before dawn at Pearson International Airport, in Toronto. Family, friends and media were receiving them with bunches of eulogies and full of joy, demonstrating the grateful the country was for exalting the name of Canada in Rio de Janeiro.

Canadian athletes were completely impressed by the welcome. One of the most warming welcomes was the performance given by the firefighters, who gathered on each side of the place, once it landed, and created great arcs of water. Even children took their time to create large and welcoming banners saying “Welcome home team Canada” or “Bienvenue Chez” to also show their support.

Among the athletes, was the golden medal winner Penny Oleksiak, who has selected the bearer of the Canadian flag in the closing ceremony which took place in Maracana Olympic Stadium, in Rio de Janeiro. With her gold medal won in the 100-metre freestyle, Penny walked into the arrival area of the Pearson Airport, while family and friends were supportively waiting for her. Being the most greeted and congratulated due to her prodigious performance, the 16-year-old swimmer, was quite overwhelmed by welcome. “It’s pretty great to be home. It was pretty unreal for me. I didn’t expect it at all,” were the words pronounced by Oleksiak once she got home, regarding her achievements in the Summer Olympics.

The rest of the Canadian athletes are returning home by this Wednesday, which probably will be the second welcome for them. These athletes have been an excellent example of hard work and dedication and have encouraged somehow the Canadian sports spirit which has been asleep for a while. Now it’s time for Canada to continue putting the necessary effort to be great again. There is a long way to walk straight to Tokio, 2016 and great expectation from all Canadians from this day on.

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