Community Food Centres Canada Makes A Fare Connection

Canada has started to improve. Not only are they focusing on poverty and unemployment, but they have now started focusing on the health of the nation. Community food centers have now been built in order to help people become fully acquainted with the different aspects of health when it comes to what they eat and drink. This is where programs are made to further educate the masses on what they should be consuming to have better eating habits, as well as a healthy life. It was created years back, only becoming more popular in the recent years. We interview Nick Saul, the founder, and president of Community Food Centres Canada, regarding the growth of these centers and how it has impacted the lives of Canadians.


What Are Community Food Centres?

These are spaces where people are able to further grow not only as healthy people but to have knowledge on the proper food intake. You are able to eat here with food stalls, and learn from the programs being held on site. Not only that, but you get to interact and meet new people who are able to give you advice on health and nutrition as well. It gives people opportunities and connections, focusing on the ones with lower income and less budget for healthier options.


Benefits of Comunity Food Centres?

According to Saul, “The idea of dignity through food is foremost on my mind these days”. Equality is what he focuses on, saying that the poor or those with lower income should not be shunned or become the exception when it comes to getting the proper nutrition they need. The community food centers focus on bringing proper health of individuals through knowledge and good food, in order for the generations to come to have better and safer lives in the long run. And with these centers, you are able to bring people together, where they can unite and grow as one healthier nation.


Future of Community Food Centres and How To Join?

Community food centers are still on the rise, with the company planning on building more centers around Canada in order to bring more people together. The future focuses on the whole Canadian nation eating well and being brought together by these food centers, no matter what income they bring at home.


If you are interested in joining these food centers, you are able to do so through finding a center near you online.