Star Qualities Of A Boyfriend





What qualities do you think are endearing and make your boyfriend the perfect boyfriend around?  Of course, everybody has different tastes and looks for different qualities in the partner that they choose but there are some general guidelines that can be followed to make sure your boyfriend is the gentleman you deserve.

Firstly a man should always have the utmost respect for a woman, it doesn’t matter who she is.  Watch how he treats his mom, if he can’t show the woman who gave birth to him and nurtured his respect, then he probably will not be able to show you the respect that you deserve.  A true gentleman will put your needs before his when it matters most. He may offer you his jacket on a frosty evening or just simply open a door for you. These little things are really quite big things in the whole scheme of things.

Be sure to select a partner who is honest and open with you.  Secrets are where the problems begin. Sit with your boyfriend regularly and have a good heart to heart talks about anything that may be worrying you or just simply to see how his week was.  If he happens to ask questions of you, you should be honest and open, this will encourage him to be the same way with you.

A man who is not afraid to show emotions or show you affection in public is definitely a keeper.  I am not talking about fawning all over you like a doe-eyed puppy dog, but just perhaps grabbing hold of your hand while you stroll around town or surprising you with a tight squeeze out of the blue.



Take note of how your boyfriend reacts to children, does he get irritated or have no patience with them or does he take the time to entertain them and show some kind of attention.  This may be a very important factor if your relationship is nearing the wedding “bells phase” and the “starting a family phase” that usually follows soon after.  You want a man who is going to show your children love and attention. You also want him to be able to show your little boys exactly how they should treat ladies, they will follow his lead so he needs to be able to lead by example.

These may seem like really small and insignificant character traits but in a real relationship situation, it is the small things that matter the most. If your boyfriend can’t live up to the small things to start with, how on Earth could you expect him to live up to larger things like raising a family with you or making grown up decisions like purchasing a house.

A respectful, honest, loving man is all any woman could ask for.