Lawyers for B.C. couple entrapped by RCMP in terror plot decry Crown pursuit of peace bond: Reports

John Nuttall and Amanda Karody both conspired to commit a terrorist act – bombing the legislature of British Columbia in 2013. In 2015, the couple was found guilty of such a conspiracy.However, a conspiracy of another means was in the works as well; not by a terrorist – but the RCMP. In 2016, the couple’s guilty verdict was waived after the RCMP was believed to be guilty of entrapment against the couple. Notwithstanding, the case grows even more complicated as the crown has begun an attempt at a peace bond hearing, even though the couple was acquitted last year.

Evidence that was previously used in the case of which the couple was found acquitted is now currently being held against them once more in the peace bond hearing. According to the lawyer of the couple, Marilyn Sanford, stated that such a thing was unfair and illegal. The bond hearing that is to be had will force legal ramifications for the couple: such as to remain in a good behavior, and to obey particular conventions set by the court.

This is notably problematic due to the fact that they were acquitted last year by Justice Catherine Bruce. The couple were poverty-stricken drug addicts at the time of the plot, with their lawyers stating they were incompetent to carry out such a plot on their own in the first place. The RCMP offered the couple gifts such as groceries, clothing, and food. It is also problematic in the regard because according to the couple’s lawyer, “the provincial court doesn’t have the authority to rule on an issue that has already been settled in B.C. Supreme Court”.

The 2016 entrapment case that acquitted the two also stated that John Nuttall “would not have behaved the way he did were it not for the manipulative involvement of the RCMP and that he possesses no threat to the public”. However, the Crown states that the couple still does propose a threat to the public, despite the previous Supreme Court ruling. The crown is developing the peace bond very similarly to the bail conditions that were set by the previous case, such as not being able to visit the legislature of British Columbia, the Esquimalt Canadian Forces base, and any synagogue or Jewish school. The couple also has to report to a bail supervisor on a regular basis. Despite the couple being well noted as Jihadist sympathizers, the
involvement of the RCMP and the facetious efforts of the courts cannot be justified, nor disregarded.