Concordia University Secure Following Bomb Threat

Police found no shady objects in Concordia University buildings evacuated as a result of a bomb threat. She does not mention any suspects at the moment.

The buildings reopened at 6 pm on Wednesday. The students and staff were evacuated in late morning on Wednesday after the bomb threat.

“The searches by the police are over. No objects were found on the scene, “said Benoit Boisselle, spokesperson of the Montreal Police Department (SPVM).

Police officers searched three pavilions, EV and Guy-De-Maisonneuve, on De Maisonneuve Boulevard West, and Henry F. Hall on Sainte-Catherine Street West.

The evacuation took place in order. The courses were canceled on Wednesday afternoon in the three flats evacuated.

As the threat received by the University alleged possible attacks in the next two days, Concordia’s management intensified the patrols of its security officers. Police officers will also be posted off campus this week.

Quebec’s Minister of Public Safety, Martin Coiteux, said by Twitter: “We take this type of threat very seriously. The SPVM opened an investigation. This investigation is entrusted to the section of the major crimes of the SPVM, “to try to find the author (s) of the email”, specified Boisselle SPVM.

Threats in writing

It is indeed a letter received by e-mail that prompted the institution to evacuate the buildings, as a precautionary measure.

In this letter, a group called the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada (C4) threatens to detonate craft craft in places that Muslim students are used to frequent within the ” establishment. The group said that they would issue a “warning” to Muslim students.

“Now that President Trump is in power south of the border, things have changed,” said the letter’s authors, who did not identify themselves and said they had no connection with the Conservative Party of Canada.

Prime Minister Philippe Couillard called this type of message “very reprehensible”. “There are no words hard enough to describe people who are doing similar things,” said Philippe Couillard.

There is no evidence that the safety of our students has been threatened, but we remain very concerned.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard, responding to questions about Concordia events
Consternation at Concordia University

In a statement, Alan Shepard, rector of the university, reassured the students that the school will remain “welcoming and inclusive for all students, employees and professors”.

We are appalled by this hateful and violent expression of intolerance towards our community. This type of threat is unacceptable in our society. At Concordia, diversity is a facet of our identity that we are proud of.

From a statement, Alan Shepard, Rector of Concordia University
The president said he had a conversation with the president of the Concordia University Muslim Students Association, saying that the latter was “quiet”.

“We have a good relationship with this association,” said Alan Shepard, who said she was “shocked and surprised” that her institution was facing such threats. Students from more than 150 countries are registered at Concordia, he added, and in this “safe” institution, things go smoothly.

The Minister of Higher Education, Hélène David, went to Concordia University, where she gave a briefing with Rector Shepard. “It’s a very sad day,” she concluded.

McGill students received an email

The bomb threat message was also sent to media representatives as well as to CKUT, the student radio of another institution, McGill University. CKUT earlier received an e-mail message from the Council of Conservative Citizens of Canada.

In this e-mail, C4 advances that “his fight” will be moved to McGill University. CKUT students say they have warned McGill security officials of the receipt of this message. No evacuation was made at McGill.

“McGill University is very alert, closely monitored but has not had any specific locations,” said Minister Hélène David, referring to the fact that, contrary to Concordia University, threats were not aimed at Not a particular place in McGill.