Passengers On Winnipeg Bus Disarm Man With Axe And Brass Knuckles

Edmonton – Exhortations to improve transit safety in Winnipeg intensified in the aftermath of an incident in which passengers on a bus disarmed an individual armed with an axe and brass knuckles.

Concerns have been expressed since a bus driver was stabbed to death in his vehicle in the Manitoba capital.

The authorities said that passengers had managed to persuade the 22-year-old to hand over their two weapons without incident. The driver then escorted him out of the bus.

The individual was then arrested a few moments later while walking on the sidewalk.

John Callaghan of the Bus Driver Union stated that this incident proves that he did not delay the results of the safety investigation that followed the death of Irvine Jubal Fraser who was attempting to evict a passenger , February 14th. In particular, it requires that the responsibility of verifying that users have paid the fare no longer accrue to the drivers, stressing that two thirds of the attacks are caused by non-payment of the fare.

Winnipeg Transportation Manager Dave Wardrop explained earlier this week that he did not have enough staff to make significant improvements at this point.

Constable Rob Carver said the incident on Friday was not violent. The individual never wielded his ax. He is accused of two counts of carrying a weapon and two counts of non-compliance with conditions of release.

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