Man Pays Off Mortgage With Pennies, Takes Tellers Two Days To Unroll Cases

Pennies Pay Off Mortgage

Thomas Daigle, from Milford, Mass., picked up a penny after taking out the mortgage on his home thirty years ago.

It was then that he told his wife he was going to make the final payment on the mortgage with pennies and began to save every penny he came across.

“I’ve never saved anything other than pennies. And it started out as a whim. You know, a penny for the mortgage,” Thomas Daigle told NBC affiliate WHDH-TV of Boston.

Daigle took over 62,000 pennies to his bank when he made his final mortgage payment.

Every night he placed his keys and change into a bowl, he sifted through the change to save the pennies.

Daigle rolled three to five packs of the pennies and placed them in a box kept in the basement when it would snow or rain.

Man Pays Off Mortgage With Pennies, Takes Tellers Two Days To Unroll Cases

Man Pays Off Mortgage With Pennies, Takes Tellers Two Days To Unroll Cases

A running tab of the rolls that were stored was kept on a piece of scrap paper.

When Daigle had enough he took them to his bank and presented them as his final payment.

The bank thought the penny payment was “a great idea,” Daigle said, adding, “I always tell my kids, if your dad says something, he means it.”

According to MSNBC, it reportedly took tellers two days to unroll the penny cases.

Daigle isn’t the first penny pincher to pay off a bill in change.

According to, Jason West, 38, of Vernal, Utah, was been charged with disorderly conduct after trying to pay a $25 disputed medical bill entirely in pennies.

West didn’t believe he owed Basin Clinic money, so decided to settle an outstanding bill by dumping 2,500 pennies onto the counter, an action that disrupted clinic routine and caused coins to spill across the counter and floor.


  1. Joyce Cherniak says:

    Pennies have been discontinued in Canada. I saved pennies for years. I rolled pennies till I was blue in the face and took them to my bank and they refused to take them. So, I gave all the pennies to my grandkids. Hope they have more luck with them than I did some day.

  2. canadiangirl says:

    @ j.j.cherniaak…are you sure? Mine will take them as long as they’re in coin rollers. I think it may be against the law, otherwise, for a bank not to take them. After all, they’re legal currency.

  3. John Franklin says:

    According to the Canadian Bank Act, coins are legal tender as long as the amount does not add up to that which can be rolled. Rolled coins are legal tender but a $1000 of loose pennies is not.

  4. Bryan says:

    I have been rolling pennies, nickels and dimes in 3 provinces for 20 some odd years. No problem with the banks taking them.