Molly Palmer Catches “Half Ton” Marlin, Disqualified From Competition

Molly Palmer Catches "Half Ton" Marlin
Molly Palmer Catches “Half Ton” Marlin

Woman Sets Record Catching Half-ton Marlin in Hawaii

A 28-year old woman participating with her team in the Big Island Invitational Marlin Tournament in the waters off Honolulu set a new world record by catching a marlin weighing a whopping half-ton.

Molly Palmer and her crew mates, however, disqualified themselves from winning the prize money because Palmer needed other team members on board the boat to help in pulling the massive creature on board the boat rather than being able to do it herself as contest rules require.

Her honesty may have cost her an official win, but Palmer told the news media that she was still extremely satisfied that she met her goal of participating in the contest and catching a fish. The marlin Palmer and her team hauled in weighed slightly over 70 pounds more than the 950-pound marlin which set the last world record.

“I didn’t come here to set world records,” Palmer said. “I didn’t even really come here to win money. I came here to catch fish and that’s just what we were there to do.”

The 160-pound Palmer weighs about one-sixth of the weight of her record-setting catch which weighed in at 1,022.5 pounds. The previous record catch tipped the scales at only 950 pounds.

“I’ve had people try to slide things past me for a whole lot less money, for a less important thing than a world record,” Bright said.

“We don’t have officials on the field like you do in baseball or football or anything like that,” he said. “Everybody’s playing on the open ocean playing field and since there’s nobody there checking to see if you stepped out of bounds or any of that sort of stuff there’s a whole lot of opportunity to do things nobody would know of.”

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