Boy gives $1,000 to Neighbour toddler For Chemo Treatment

Wyatt Erber, 8, with his neighbor, 2-year-old leukemia patient Cara Kielty.
Wyatt Erber, 8, with his neighbor, 2-year-old leukemia patient Cara Kielty.

Child gives $1000 to Toddler for Chemo Treatments
Ask some 8-year-olds what they would do if they won $1000, and most of them would talk about spending sprees on video games and toys.

Wyatt Erber, from Edwardsville, Illinois, worked all summer to win the money for somebody else.

A local bank sponsored a summer-long scavenger hunt that Wyatt decided to play specifically to win money for his neighbor’s cancer treatments.

He asked his mom how much chemotherapy $1000 would buy, and then set out to win the top prize, which he did. His neighbor is not a typical patient; she is a 2-year-old fighting acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

I wanted to give it to them,” he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I didn’t know what to do with it.”

Noelle Erber, Wyatt’s mom, told ABC News: “He was really aware of what cancer is. When he found out Cara had cancer, his heart sank.”

Wyatt’s family, as well as the recipient’s is very proud of the young boy for his generosity which has prompted others to give as well.

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5 thoughts on “Boy gives $1,000 to Neighbour toddler For Chemo Treatment

  1. What a great kid Wyatt is and to be so young and have such upstanding ethics and generosity should be a guideline for many shameful adults.
    To think that a young boy can do what he did is just amazing.

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  3. Everyone is commenting on the generosity of this boy and rightly so, he is a good example for children. Remember, he learned to think of the needs of others from someone, so let this be a lesson to us as parents; our children are watching everything we do. He has parents who by example, taught him well.

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