Scorpion sting leaves woman with $83,000 bill

AZ Woman Stung By Scorpion & Then By Hospital For $80,000 Bill Scorpion d'Afrique du Sud, par BafS
AZ Woman Stung By Scorpion & Then By Hospital For $80,000 Bill
Scorpion d’Afrique du Sud, par BafS

AZ Woman Stung By Scorpion & Then By Hospital For $80,000 Bill

PHOENIX — Marcie Edmonds of Ahwatukee Arizona, raced to the Chandler Regional Medical Center after being stung by a scorpion she encountered while searching for air conditioner filers stored in her garage, according to Arizona Central.

Scorpion stings although painful, are rarely fatal.

The Arizona woman was informed by emergency room doctors about a Mexican-made scorpion anti-venom known as Anascorp that can rapidly relieve the symptoms of scorpion bite. She was not however informed about the cost of the treatment.

After being released, she was presented with a bill for more than $83,000, $57,000 of which had been covered by her medical insurance. The hospital has requested that Ms. Edwards pay the remaining $25,000 which according to them represents the out-of-network charges for this kind of treatment.

The incident is likely to keep alive a national political debate about federal health care reforms. Many people object to government involvement in their health care, however; many more are outraged about the rising costs of health care itself.

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4 thoughts on “Scorpion sting leaves woman with $83,000 bill

  1. Too bad for her, although I agree the price of treatment should have been told upfront. Americans should not complain about the increasing cost of their healthcare or situations like this when you have a buyer beware service being provided. Would they purchase a car without asking the price?.

  2. The article above states that many people object to having government involvement in their health care. The private for-profit HMOs are the alternative. These companies, using the huge profits they get from their operations, brainwashed people into thinking this way. Fact is that health care in other western countries, UK, Germany, France, Australia, Canada, Sweden, others, where they have govt programs is 20% less costly than the HMOs, and the coverage is better. Who would you rather have involved in your health care? HMOs making huge profits by using medical boards to find ways to turning down needed health care, or govt which can be inefficient at times but is there trying to help you, rather than looking for imaginative new ways to turn you down. What could be more crazy than turning down claims for care for sick children, which HMOs do. In a govt program, sick children are taken care of, right from the moment of birth, or even before, while HMOs talk about “existing conditions”!

  3. “yes, hi, I am dying, but before I decide if I should live I need to know how much its going to cost me to keep me alive”

    Seriously Azaeal? your going to compare your life to car??

    1. Scorpian bites aren’t fatal. The story said that. When you live in a country that charges $800 for an ambulance to take you 3 miles, ask the price. Or get a better health care system.

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