Spilled Soda Reason Behind Loose Jet Seats Claims Airline

Spilled Soda Reason Behind Loose Jet Seats Claims Airline

Spilled Soda Reason Behind Loose Jet Seats Claims Airline

Soda, coffee blamed for loose airline seats

An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing last week after several seats came loose, and a spokesperson for the company has said soda is to blame, reports Inquisitr.

The plane, a Boeing 757, was heading from Boston to Miami when the incident occurred, and that was followed by similar situations on other flights the same week. During the initial statement regarding the seats, however, the airline blamed a saddle clamp that had been installed wrong.

According to the airline, spilled soda and coffee over the course of multiple flights gummed up the seat’s gears and affected the tracks that hold the seats onto the floor of the plane.

“Working with the FAA, American Airlines is taking additional steps to prevent seats from becoming dislodged on some of our Boeing 757 aircraft. After further analysis by our engineering team, the company is taking additional preventative steps to enhance the locking mechanism features used to secure the seats to the aircraft floor,” American Airlines spokeswoman Andrea Huguely said.

“My question is, why haven’t we seen this before?” said Bill Waldock, professor and crash lab director at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Prescott, Arizona, campus. “Did the gunk start building up and decide to falter in the planes at the same time? I kind of doubt that honestly.”

Waldock called the airline’s explanation “curious,” adding that it “seemed to be unique to the 757, and to the ones that they reconfigured.”

“What would make more sense is if (the seats) were improperly installed,” he said.

A spokesman for American Airlines said the planes are still very safe and the problem that caused the loose seats is being addressed immediately. The company hopes solving this problem will help solve some of its recent difficulties, which include losing its contract with the pilot’s union, staff layoffs and financial trouble.

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