Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama Speech (VIDEO)

Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama Speech
Clinton Falls Asleep During Obama Speech (Photo YouTube Capture)
Hillary Clinton Snoozes During Obama Speech

A video showing Hillary Clinton falling asleep during President Barack Obama’s Myanmar speech on Monday has gone viral on the Internet, setting off many colorful comments and jokes.

According to Examiner, the 65-year-old Clinton’s nap probably occurred due to extreme jet lag. “When you’re seriously jet-lagged, you reach a point when no amount of coffee or Red Bull can help, and Hillary Clinton looked like she hit that wall smack in the middle of President Obama’s speech in Myanmar on Monday.”

Clinton was seated next to Aung San Suu Kyi, who won the Nobel Peace Prize, during the speech. The former First Lady appears to briefly nod off and is then shown listening to Obama while nodding her head. She recovered her energy quickly, putting together a deal that resulted in the cease-fire between Hamas and Israel on Wednesday.

Youtube users seemed to be apathetic towards the former first lady.

One user wrote:

poor thing. she works so very hard! it must be hard to be tired, and get punished for doing something that everyone else in the world does. give the woman a break. in fact..yeah..get that woman a much needed break. maybe with a? nice cozy bed 😉

Another user added:

Oh please, she works hard, probably has severe jet lag, and looks to have a cold judging? by the wiping of her nose. So what, she fell asleep momentarily – har har. Leave her alone.

Clinton is expected to run for president in the 2016 election.

Check out the video below.

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