Breakbot chocolate album makes a delicious gift idea

Breakbot’s Latest Record Minted in Limited “Dark Chocolate” Edition

French DJ Thibaut Berland, known as Breakbot, has minted a limited edition of the album “By Your Side” as a single-sided vinyl record made entirely of dark chocolate. The cocoa version of the record is available exclusively at the Colette Store in Paris. The record can be played only three to five times before the turntable needle wears out the grooves at which time the record can be eaten.

Breakbot chocolate album makes a delicious gift idea
Breakbot chocolate album makes a delicious gift idea

A promo of the chocolate edition of the album has been released and can be viewed on

The short clip shows the confection shop pouring dark chocolate into a record mold and manually creating the hole in the center of the album with a knife.

The chocolate record is then placed inside a protective album sleeve and then placed in the album jacket which has the caption “play it before you eat it”. Playing the record and subsequently eating it would be quite the party treat.

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