World Cup Special Seating for the Obese People

World Cup Special Seating for the Obese People
World Cup Special Seating for the Obese People
Obese Seating at Brazil World Cup

The 2014 World Cup is set to be the first sporting event of its kind to truly be open to everybody wishing to attend with the inclusion of special seating for obese and disabled soccer fans.

World football’s governing body, FIFA reported the newly constructed and refurbished stadium’s around Brazil would offer the seating to comply with the World Cup Bill laws introduced by Brazil’s lawmakers.

Applications for the specially constructed seating will not be limited to citizens of the South American nation, but will be open to fans traveling from other nations; those wishing to purchase tickets for the seats must be able to calculate their Body Mass Index using the World Health Organization’s BMI formula.

The new laws introduced in the country require each stadium to offer at least one percent of its seating to fans with a body mass index of 30 or more, wheelchair users or those with mobility problems.

A statement posted on the Brazilian government’s World Cup website reads in part, “From the total of 63,903 seats, 1,675 are reserved for obese people, or people with disabilities.

“This number corresponds to 2.4 percent of the stadium’s capacity, which is more than the minimum requirement of 1 percent anticipated by the World Cup General Bill and administrative rule No 205 of the Ministry of Sport that regulates the issue. At the Castelão, 335 seats are reserved for wheel chair users, 1,220 for people with reduced mobility and 120 for obese people,” the statement said.

The introduction of the laws highlights the growing problem of obesity around the world, including Brazil where more than 15 percent of the population were reported to be obese in 2012. Obese fans wishing from around the world can apply for the special seating by submitting a medical certificate proving their body mass index.

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