giant Wave kills American Tourist Walking Along Beach, One Man Seriously Injured

giant wave kills tourist: American dies in deadly accident
giant wave kills tourist: American dies in deadly accident
Giant Wave Kills Tourist Off Mexican Coast

Two Americans visiting the seaside resort of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico were struck by a gigantic wave that killed one of the pair.

According to the Huffington Post, police officials report that the wave dragged both a man and a woman walking along the beach out to sea, killing the 65 year old female and injuring her 70-year old male companion who is hospitalized in serious condition.

Navy personnel who were directed to the pair helped to retrieve them from the ocean waters but the woman was already pronounced dead at the scene. U.S.

Embassy officials declined to identify either of the individuals, but said that the dead woman was carrying a driver’s license issued from Wisconsin and the gentleman had a driver’s license from Nebraska.

Officials at the Embassy did not know if the pair were currently living in Mexico or just tourists in the area and declined to say if they had family members in the states.

the giant wave killing a tourist is just the latest in a series of recent water related deaths.

According to IBT, in January, a 59-year-old California man was killed by a “sneaker wave” while trying to save his dog from drowning. In December, a pair of two men believed to be a father and son who had been fishing in the San Francisco Bay both perished when they were overtaken by a wave.

The book 100 Best Surf Spots in the World, claims that Cabo is known for beaches that have some gentle, easy to ride waves.

The book notes:

“At the other end of the scale is the big surf of Cabo San Lucas at Todos Santos, where the wave can turn into huge gun barrels, glistening steel in the noonday sun and striking awe into the township that overlooks the bay. When a mighty swell hits, the big-wave riders get out their guns and face the pounding shorebreak eye to eye. It’s a shoot-out with some of the most powerful waves in the world.”

In 2012, authorities in Mexico said a giant wave dragged off a U.S. couple walking on a Baja California beach, drowning the 72-year-old husband and injuring his 66-year-old wife.

Prosecutors say a navy boat found Ted Park’s body two hours later in the ocean 800 yards from the spot where the wave hit the couple. According to reports, Park’s wife, Shinae, suffered respiratory problems after the accident accident in Los Cabos.

The couple was visiting from Walnut Creek, California.

The U.S. Consulate confirms that the man who died was a U.S. citizen.

Giant wave kills tourist near famous stone arch in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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