Dead For 40 Minutes: Man Revived After Being Dead For Forty Minutes

Dead For 40 Minutes
Dead For 40 Minutes
Australian man revived after 40 minutes

Colin Fiedler, a 39 year old man from Victoria, Australia, was brought back to life after being clinically dead for 40 minutes, following a heart attack last June.

According to FOX News, doctors at The Alfred have been testing a new mechanical CPR machine, the AutoPulse, capable of performing constant chest compressions. They used this machine, and a heart-lung machine, which kept blood and oxygen flowing to his major organs in order to bring him back.

Fiedler told Australia’s Herald Sun that he was “So grateful, more than I could ever say.” He has since been leading a healthier life, and has even quit smoking since his heart attack.

The AutoPulse has received mixed results according to the U.S. National Institutes of Health website. However, the most recent studies suggest that the machine is more beneficial than manual CPR.

Fielder is one of seven patients who have been treated with the AutoPulse in the past, and one of three who were received into The Alfred for the AutoPulse treatment, revived, and returned home with no disability.

Currently, this treatment is only available in The Alfred, but Professor Stephen Bernard said the results of the early years of the trial were promising, and that they hope to eventually expand the system across Melbourne.

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Dead For 40 Minutes

Man brought back to life after being clinically dead for 40 minutes

Dead For 40 Minutes: Man Rived After Being Dead For Forty Minutes

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