Woman Found Living In Airport: “Looks Like Regular Passenger”

Woman Found Living In Airport
Woman Found Living In Airport
Would You Make An Airport Your Home?

If you have seen the movie “The Terminal” with Tom Hanks (PHOTO), then you have seen one man’s experience with living in an airport. But of course the idea of a person actually hunkering down and living in an airport is all the work of Hollywood, right?

Believe it or not, there are hundreds of people that live in airports around the world.

According to Zee News, a Mexican woman who arrived on a flight from the US has been living at the airport in the Caribbean resort city of Cancun since June 30, officials said.

Marcela Silvia MontaƱo Mancera, a Mexican citizen, is being watched by police but cannot be arrested because she has not committed a crime, Federal Police officers told EFE.

Eram Dar, a resident of Heathrow, states, “Living at Heathrow is like being in a good hotel. It is warm, very clean and you don’t get bothered. I think I’m very lucky to be here.”

“She looks like a regular passenger at first glance, people don’t look at her, but we have seen her every day … we are not doctors, but it’s obvious that she has problems, some of my co-workers tried to speak with her, but at times it seems as if she loses it,” an airline worker said.

If the thought of people taking residency in a airport still seems a little far-fetched, when you think about it, the idea is really not as absurd as it seems because airport dwellers have the unique opportunity to blend in with the crowds, and no one would ever know.

With access to water and soap, airport residents are always clean, and while thumbing through an old newspaper, they can look like a businessman hanging around for their next flight. When the night falls, all they have to do is find an empty row of seats to sleep, like many other travelers do when they have to spend the night in the airport.

Perhaps living in an airport is not ideal, but it sure does beat sleeping outside in the elements in the middle of an alley somewhere.

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