Norweigan Hunter Shoots at Moose But Hits Man on Toilet by mistake

Author: Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Author: Hagerty Ryan, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Oslo, Norway – A local man relieving his bowels on a toilet safely inside his wooden cabin took a round in the stomach in an apparent accident from a missed shot at a moose. It’s currently moose hunting season in Scandinavia and there are plenty of hunters out to bag some of the flesh which is regarded as a delicacy in Northern Europe.

Apparently, the moose drew near to a wooden cabin when the hunter took aim and fired at the beast. His shot blew past the animal and into the wooden side wall of the cabin striking the innocent bystander atop a loo. Quite likely the hunter experienced a moment known among Norwegians as “drete sig ut” which pretty much means that his bowels did to him exactly what the man atop the loo was trying to do.

‘His wife is clear that she does not hold a grudge against the hunter who shot [her husband]. She is of course upset by what has happened, but she is being taken care of by the police and her family, according to Anders Stroemsaether, the policeman who led the investigation.

‘It is obvious that there is a risk involved in hunting. A hunter is always responsible for ensuring the background is clear when a shot is fired and everyone understands that what has happened here should not happen.’

The victim was air lifted to the hospital where it was determined that his wound was non-life threatening. The gentleman is expected to recover. Police did take the hunter in to the local precinct in the Hvaler district where he was questioned about the incident.

It has not been reported that the hunter has been charged by police for the incident. The moose is believed to have escaped unharmed.

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