mcstay kids bones found in shallow grave: reports

SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT/REUTERS  Gianni (left) and Joseph McStay, both 4, are pictured before vanishing with their family in 2010.
Gianni (left) and Joseph McStay, both 4, are pictured before vanishing with their family in 2010.
Remains of McStay Children Found After 3 Years

Victorville, CA – An off-road motorcyclist enjoying an outing in the arid nature of this Southern California city came across human skeletal remains. San Bernardino County Police have confirmed that the remains are those of fraternal twins Gianni McStay and Joseph McStay, both age 4.

The children had been missing along with their parents in February of 2013. In addition, crime scene investigators were able to turn up the remains of their parents Summer & Joseph McStay in close proximity to their sons. The missing family was found roughly 100 miles away from their home in San Diego.

Authorities are still searching for clues into their murders. All that is known is that on February 4, 2010, the family appears to have left their home in a hurry as evidenced by food being left on the kitchen counter.

Their van was later found abandoned. Police once suspected that the family had fled to Mexico. The parents were identified by their dental records and DNA established the children were their sons.

Their family has said they are devastated by what happened calling the discovery the outcome nobody wanted. At no point during their disappearance were their bank accounts or cell phones accessed.

NBC 7 San Diego
NBC 7 San Diego

The FBI and the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department will remain involved in the investigation.

Earlier this week friends and family of the McStay’s placed memorial crosses and released doves in their honor at their grave sites, reports the Huff Post.

“The area is so vast. How did four people end up here in the middle of nowhere, over 100 miles from where they live?” he told the group, his voice sometimes trembling with emotion but other times firm with conviction. “I believe, personally, that (they were found by) the prayers of all the people who were concerned about this case, concerned about the family. It just took a motorcycle rider driving by who was kind enough to call. I personally believe it was providence.”

McStay said he was still shocked and still grieving, but was finding reasons for comfort.

Several Facebook pages have been set-up to honor the missing family including one called “Bring the McStay Family Home”.

“This tragedy has touched many of us very deeply as a community and a group of caring individuals. I know many of you would like to pay your respects,” an administrator of that page said in a written post.

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