Australian incest case: Four Generations Found On Farm

“Incest Farm” Broken up in Australia

New South Wales, Australia – Psychologists have learned that human beings need regular contact in order to maintain a sense of healthy behavior. People who remove themselves from contact with others are more apt to engage in inappropriate behavior. Thus, societies that are insular tend to have higher rates of incest. Now, authorities in this province have busted up what they term was an “incest farm”.

Twelve children were removed from the farm and are revealing the details the abuse they suffered in the compound. As many as 40 people were living in squalor in the tent village. There was no electricity or running water. An open bathtub was used for bathing purposes. Predictably, the children were poorly educated.

The “incest farm” was raided in the summer of 2012 and the children were immediately put in the care of child protective services. Once in protective custody, they began to exhibit inappropriate sexual behavior. It turns out they routinely engaged in sex acts with each other and witnessed adults engaging in intercourse. The children were DNA tested for incest and 11 of the 12 were found to be children of closely related adults. The children were the mothers of four women, three of whom are sisters. One of the women has given birth to 30 children.

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