Rob Ford Mask Outselling Obama, Palin (PHOTO)

Rob Ford Mask Outselling Obama, Palin
Rob Ford Mask Outselling Obama, Palin
Rob Ford Mask Outselling Obama, Palin: Mask of Mayor Robert Ford Outselling Palin & Obama

Toronto, Ontario – Call it an eclectic purchase with local appeal, but a latex rubber mask of embattled Mayor Robert Ford is selling briskly at the venue known as “Amazing Party and Costume”. The store even reports that the mask is their top selling mask outpacing sales for US President Barrack Obama and 2008 GOP vice-presidential nominee and Tea Party darling Sarah Palin. The mask even outsells orders for 2012 GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney. Shawn Hamilton, owner of the venue, admits that Mayor Ford’s infamy has in fact made him famous throughout the world. So he special ordered the mask only to realize he had tapped into something lucrative.

For $26.99 anyone can amuse their friends by dawning the face of the illustrious mayor known for his panache and indomitable tenacity. Mayor Ford faces an uphill battle for reelection this fall as a result of his drug controversy. The city council has largely stripped him any functional authority making him the mayor in name only for this international metropolis. While it isn’t certain if the mayor will be able to pull off the stunning come from behind victory, you couldn’t tell that from sales of his mask. Amazing Party and Costume has exhausted their inventory after only two months and has had to order an additional shipment with Halloween still more than two months away.

In fact, many of the people purchasing the masks aren’t doing so as part of a Halloween party. Rather, they are wearing them to local pubs. Amazing Party and Costume further stoked sales by launching a campaign for folks to tweet their unique selfies wearing the masks at different locations. As a business move, it represents a savvy use of an internet meme to boost sales. Mayor Ford’s political future will be decided on October 27.

Rob Ford Halloween Mask Outselling Obama, Palin (PHOTO)

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