Canadian Scientists Find Lots Of Pee In Public Pools

Public Pools Are Full Of Pee: Study
Public Pools Are Full Of Pee: Study
Edmonton – Users of public swimming pools would not hesitate to relieve themselves in the water, so that the pools of the public swimming pools would contain between 30 and 75 liters of urine. A quantity which, in view of the total volume concerned, however, represented only about 0.01% of the bathing water.

However, the situation remains alarming, both in terms of hygiene and health. This is the conclusion reached by researchers in a study recently published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters .

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Another area of ??research for specialists, still in Canada: jacuzzis. While the analyzes were conducted over a shorter period, they revealed a disturbing trend, as ACE levels were found to be up to 571 times greater than in tap water.

A disturbing discovery, both the combination of urine and chemicals contained in the pool water, including chlorine, can be harmful. It could in fact generate toxic molecules that are potentially harmful to the lungs, the nervous system or the heart. With a higher risk of asthma or bladder cancer.