Emeralds from 400 year old shipwreck up for auction

Emeralds 400 year old shipwreck
Emeralds 400 year old shipwreck

Rare emeralds found in sunken ship 400 years ago

Emeralds are the icing on the cake of the industrial world of jewelry. Rare emeralds have now been found inside a sunken ship more than 400 years ago.

Diamonds boast the reputation of being women’s best friends but, in fact, emeralds are much rarer and therefore far more valuable. Hence the importance of the discovery in a ship sunk for more than 400 years of a set of rare emeralds. As of April 25th, these emeralds (one of the rarest and most valuable in the world) will be on sale at auction in New York at Guernsey’s .

In the auction will be present more than 20 stones, some already cut and others in the rough, and another 13 pieces in jewels. All rare emeralds come from a single collection made by specialist Manuel Marcial de Gomar. But the biggest highlight is the collection found on a Spanish shipwreck, the ‘Nuestra SeƱora’, which sank in Florida in 1622. Numerous emeralds were found inside it, the Muzo, which are highly prized for their green ” Deep and clear, CNN explains .

It was around 1980 that Mel Fisher, a treasure hunter, began to recover some of the artifacts that seemed to him important in the wreckage of the Spanish ship. In order to assess his value, Fisher then hired specialist Manuel Marcial de Gomar, who helped him evaluate the stones and jewels that were lost in the ocean floor. Some of these jewels, incidentally, served as a form of payment to Marcial for his work.

These martial emeralds will also be auctioned in Guernsey and include a collection of more than 91 carats whose estimated price is 2.26 to 3.26 million euros.



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