Teen finds diamond names it ‘Superman’s Diamond’

Teen finds diamond names it Superman's Diamon'
Teen finds diamond names it Superman’s Diamond’
In the United States, this teen found a small pebble … which will allow him to become a millionaire

In a regional park in southwestern Arkansas, Kalel Langford was walking around when he found a small pebble. It was actually a diamond of 7.44 carats. Since the establishment of the park in 1972, it is the 7th biggest diamond that was found on the scene. If the regional park has not yet given an estimate of the value of the diamond found by Kalel, we know that the little boy is likely to receive a fairly substantial sum. Indeed, by 2015, a diamond of 8.52 carats had been found in the same park. This diamond would have been sold for a million dollars! However, we are far from Uncle Sam, nickname given to the biggest diamond ever discovered in the United States in 1924 … 40,23 carats!

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