mcdonald’s loraine maurer has been on the job for 44 years

mcdonald's loraine maurer
mcdonald’s loraine maurer

mcdonald’s loraine maurer

Loraine Maurer, 94, wanted a small occupation when her husband decided to retire. She just celebrated her 44th year as a McDonald’s employee!

Her colleagues and several guests at this Indiana restaurant have not missed the opportunity to celebrate this anniversary on Thursday, according to several local media including the Eyewitness News network. “I did not plan to stay so long,” said the lady who has been working since 1973.

For all his years, Loraine Maurer continues to make the happiness of the customers who come to sustain themselves. “She’s always smiling,” said Andrea Feller, a client. She is like the sun of this place. ”

Another client, Bob Shoulders, added, “It’s a lady who makes everyone comfortable.”

Miss Loraine, as she is affectionately called, has no intention of retiring. She has done several branches, but in recent years she has chosen one that is closer to home and her church.

No matter where she is, loyal customers, who have become her friends, make the detour to see the smile and the joie de vivre of this 94-year-old employee model. “It’s a source of inspiration,” said another client.