Pet dog kills owner in Wood Green In Front Of BBC Crew

Pet dog kills owner Wood Green

A man was killed by his dog while interviewed by a BBC team, who was making a documentary in northern London. Mario Perivoitos, 41, was at his home in his Wood Green home on March 20 when his staffordshire bull terrier attacked him, biting his neck, reports The Guardian . The shooting team called an ambulance shortly before 10:30 pm. The man was taken to the hospital, but died two hours later, police confirmed.

The BBC limited the comments to the maximum, not revealing the subject of the documentary. But the police said it was “unrelated to the documentary on the ‘Met’ (Metropolitan Police Service).” A reference to a series on the London police, The Met: Policing London .

The television reported that “the shooting crew did not film at the time of the incident and called an ambulance.” “Given the ongoing investigations, it would not be appropriate to comment further,” the media added.

“There was blood everywhere”

The two journalists, a 20-year-old man and a woman over 30, were interrogated by investigators earlier this week.

The victim’s neighbors explained that Perivoitos had lived in this building for about 20 years. Geoff Morgan, 52, was at home when the tragedy occurred. He was alerted by the hustle and bustle in the apartment below. “I heard screaming, ‘Take him away, take him away from me!'” “He was screaming very loud, he was bleeding from the neck, there was a lot of blood.”

The dog was seized and driven into a secure kennel. The stafford bull terrier is not one of the dogs considered dangerous.

Post-mortem examination of the victim’s body revealed that she died after a hypovolemic shock, a massive loss of blood and injuries to the airways, which is consistent with a dog bite. The death of Perivoitos is not considered suspicious by the London police.