Massive Gator Meanders Across Golf Course

Massive Gator Golf Course
Massive Gator Golf Course
In Florida, the alligator’s paradise, golfers have had quite a surprise when a beast with a big fish in the mouth has passed a few feet from their cart.
Whereas throughout Quebec, the temperature on Saturday morning is about -20 degrees, in Florida, people walk around in short pants on golf courses.
Indeed, members of the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club were able to attend a rather exceptional scene on Thursday.

Carrie Moores, the Marketing and Communications Specialist for the Johns Island clinic, was taking photos during a fund-raising golf tournament Monday when out of the corner of her eye she saw an alligator heading toward a group of golfers with their backs turned.

“I was marching up to the hole with my camera poised to get the golfers’ picture. Then I realized the alligator and I were coming together in a ‘V’ right toward the golfers. I quickly snapped the photo, then ran back to the person who was driving a golf cart for me to see if she knew what the protocol was for an alligator on the golf course,” Moores said.

A teenager leaves empty-handed

Earlier this week, a young fisherman who was about to take a fish out of the water had to find something else to eat.\

Maybe winter here in Canada isn’t so bad after all!