Crocodile Nest On Queensland Farm (PHOTO)

Crocodile Nest Queensland Farm
Crocodile Nest Queensland Farm

Residents in the Douglas Shire want the governement to do more crocodile managanged.

MOSSMAN cane farmer Liza Giudice posted a photo online showing just how serious the croc problem really is for locals.

Giudice discovered a large crocodile nest on her property in January.

She did her own research online asking ‘Do you agree with the removal of a large number of crocodiles in the Moss/Port area immediately’ attracted 887 participants, with 63.6 per cent voting ‘yes’.

The mother of two said it was the inaction of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection to remove the crocodile nest on her land – found more than a kilometre away from Saltwater Creek – that sparked her into action.

“Looking into it I found a survey conducted by the EHP on the issue which only had 1961 respondents from all of Queensland,” Giudice told Newsport.

“I just wanted to see how many numbers I could get in a 72-hour period to show how inadequate and what a waste of money it was.

“Maybe then they will take note.”

Giudice said she agreed with Mayor Julia Leu’s statements on Tuesday on the need to better safeguard against crocodiles in areas such as Four Mile Beach.

“I won’t take my children to any beaches and if I do, we need to be at least half way up the beach. I’m afraid to take my children near the water,” she said.

‘I’m really glad they are doing something because there is a real push for this in the community and we want to relay what the locals feel.

“I don’t think the councillors had been listening to what their electorate wants to happen, and it’s really important that they do.”