10-Year-Old Canadian YouTube Sensation Heather Russell, Signed By Simon Cowell

Music mogul and former “American Idol” judge Simon Cowell has signed a 10-year-old Canadian singer to his record label after being seeing her YouTube clips.

Toronto-native Heather Russell is being called the next Justin Bieber, another Canadian singer discovered in a similar manner.

Some have said Russell has the voice of an older, more seasoned singer. Russell’s mother, Monica Cidade, posted her daughter’s first internet video last year. In her clips she has performed songs such as “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt and a song she wrote herself called “Every Step of the Way” featuring her father James Russell on guitar.

Zack Werner, a former judge for “Canadian Idol,” tipped the “X-Factor” host and creator off about the young singer. Russell has already done some work with Rob Fusari, credited with helping launch the career of Lady Gaga. Some comments have compared the young singer to veteran acts such as Alicia Keyes and Mariah Carey.

In her online profile, Russell mentions a wide range of musical influences from Justin Timberlake to Queen and Prince. Fellow Canadian Maria Aragon is enjoying a shot of fame after Lady Gaga posted a clip of the pre-teen singing her new hit “Born This Way.”

10-Year-Old Canadian YouTube Sensation Signed By Simon Cowell
10-Year-Old Canadian YouTube Sensation Signed By Simon Cowell

11 thoughts on “10-Year-Old Canadian YouTube Sensation Heather Russell, Signed By Simon Cowell

  1. Yet again one little girl has learned herself to imitate a more mature singer. That kind of singing is not natural to a 10yr old and not good for her vocal chords ’cause it stresses them too much. If you have any knowledge of singing techniques, you’ll hear how she forces the ‘adult sound’ out without proper technique. We have seen this phenomenon so many times before with parents ‘supporting’ this flawd development of a young voice in order to become a child star. To start with, very few white people can really sing soul or R’n’B and even fewer without any technique to support the voice, nevertheless a 10yr old.

  2. She’s obviously been listening to a lot of Mariah Carey and Christina Aguilera cos she does way too much wiggling all over the place with her notes. No one wants a copycat. Shame she’s not more original.

  3. Nothing against talented children but what about school,no one goes on youtube to show their amazing academic project,best wishes to her anyway.

  4. The girl is from Winnipeg Canada, which has a large Philippine community, so the Pope may be behind the missing gay lyrics. Cut the girl some slack people – she’s still super talented. I have nieces and nephews who have only video game high scores to show for themselves­.

  5. It is really beautiful to see Lady Gaga tweet about how her heart was touched by this little girl, who finds inspiratio­n in Lady Gaga.

    Lady Gaga is a fine role model for young girls, telling them to love themselves and LEADING by EXAMPLE on how to be your own unique person!!

    Being flamboyant­, strange and a powerful woman is what Lady Gaga stands for, her example is sterling, coming to the Grammy’s in an egg.

    Our other choice for inspiratio­n is the 5 Browns, a very straight laced Xian group that apparently was fine, until it was found out that the Xian Dad was in fact roleplayin­g Lot

  6. i thought it was beautiful and i loved it.she is the same age as me and i would never be able to do that! i think she will be a good super star and become really famous!! xxx

  7. OMG! She’s totally AMAZING! She’s my role model.
    Shes already famous i cant stop playing her songs!

  8. Hey guys its Heather Russell thx so much for saying that my singing is great and thx Lorelyn for saying im ur role model i want everyonwe to know plz keep listening to my music and thx sooooo much for commenting.

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