Florida Author Susanne Hale’s Book Confused With ’50 Shades Of Grey’

Two eBook novels with similar titles have been causing some embarrassing and amusing confusion for Florida author and teacher Susanne Hale. It’s easy to see the source of the mix up. ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ is the scandalously racy best selling novel by British author E L James. Her erotic trilogy featuring a romance between a college student and wealthy businessman, bondage and sadomasochism, is at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List. She has already sold millions of copies.

Susanne Hale, author of ‘Shades of Gray’, has written about her experiences in preventing kids from dropping out of high school. While it includes some sensitive topics such as teen pregnancy, it is not in any way sexually suggestive. The author as well as her family have been approached with interest and awe about the novel she didn’t actually write. As a result of mistaken identity, her novel is receiving increased attention and sales.

Miss Hale feels somewhat mixed feelings about the confusion surrounding the titles. On the one hand she has been getting much more notice and her sales figures are booming. On the other hand, she is getting unwanted notoriety as a sex maven and “porn mom”.

Florida Author Susanne Hale's Book Confused With '50 Shades Of Grey'

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