Bigfoot Sighting In Ohio 2012: Hoax Or The Real Deal? (VIDEO)

Bigfoot Sighting Video From Ohio 2012 The Real Deal?
Bigfoot Sighting Video From Ohio 2012 The Real Deal?

Bigfoot Video Sighting Ohio 2012


There is a lot of controversy circulating in the news and on the social networks surrounding a new video clip of Bigfoot that was taken in Ohio in April.

The video, posted on YouTube, shows a large hairy creature, black in appearance crossing a road carrying a large stick in his left hand. The clip is very short, and is fairly clear for a Bigfoot video.

Bigfoot enthusiasts are comparing this video clip to one that was shot in Idaho earlier in the year of a large bipedal creature that was black and hairy walking into the woods. The similarities are very close.

Ohio has frequent Bigfoot sightings, especially in the northeastern part of the state.

Of course, many people believe that the latest video is a hoax because the footage is so clear. However, many enthusiasts attribute the clearer recordings as a result in better technology and recording equipment. Cell phones now have the capability to record videos in higher quality than video cameras did just ten years ago.

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3 thoughts on “Bigfoot Sighting In Ohio 2012: Hoax Or The Real Deal? (VIDEO)

  1. Does Bigfoot really exist? Could be, new species are found all the time, intelligent ones not so much, probably because they are too smart. Trouble is that anyone can go to their local costume shop, or Amazon for that matter and buy some pretty convincing costumes of just about any sort. This was someone in a costume. Which by the way could be very dangerous with as many people that carry guns these days. But I think it was a planned encounter.

    In the video you could hear the motor whirring on whatever the person taking the video was riding. During the sighting, the turn around, and the retreat did you hear the human driver shout or cry out in any way? O…M…G…. AAGGHH! Anything? No. If you were out in the woods all alone and legitimately saw something like that, would you not make some kind of vocalization as you were hightailing it?

    Humph, I’d have been blasting my tonsils out, (if I had any that is) and fishtailing all over the place as I went. This guy drove silently away, and didn’t even wobble.

  2. This whole thing is absurd. That’s clearly Harry from Harry And The Hendersons (1987), not some bogus Big Foot guy in a cheap costume. That’s just silly.

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