Lindsay Lohan Accounts Seized by IRS: Reports

Lindsay Lohan Accounts Seized by IRS: Reports
Lindsay Lohan Accounts Seized by IRS: Reports
Lindsay Lohan Accounts Seized by IRS in Latest Scandal

Lindsay Lohan is at it again. This time her trouble is with the IRS, where her bank accounts were seized in an effort to acquire 230k in unpaid back taxes. She’s due in court Dec. 12 fr an arraignment on three misdemeanor charges relating to her car crash in June of this year.

The New York Daily News discussed the matter with father Michael Lohan. “I’m very concerned. Where is all her money going?”

He went on to say “I care about one thing: Lindsay’s life. I know she’s drinking again, and that’s bad enough. What happens if she goes to jail?”

The issue is just another, following her recent shoplifting probation.

Lohan insists she is not in need of rehab at this time, though she has been in and out of rehab for the past few years. Lohan was recently in the made-for-tv movie Liz & Dick portraying the famous Elizabeth Taylor.

This follows a previous TMZ report claiming she is so stressed about a potential probation violation that she is drinking up to two liters of vodka every day. TMZ claims that close friends of the troubled star have been urging her to seek professional help.

Lohan’s latest problems stem from a recent altercation with Tiffany Mitchell at a New York nightclub, resulting in the actress allegedly punching Mitchell in the face. The Liz & Dick star was arrested and booked for third-degree misdemeanor assault and later released.

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