Mariel Hemingway Curse Of Mental Illness In Family

Mariel Hemingway Curse Of Mental Illness
Mariel Hemingway Curse Of Mental Illness
Mariel Hemingway Curse

The granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, stated after a new documentary, Running From Crazy, aired about her famous family’s history, that her family has been “cursed” for generations.

Mariel opened up about the history in her family regarding mental illness, from which many members of her family suffered. She suggested that a member of her immediate family, her father, abused her sisters sexually, which may be the reason why one of those sister committed suicide almost two decades ago.

Inquisitr reports that as many as seven members of the Hemingway family have committed suicide.

The actress confessed that one of the main points of the documentary was to show this world, which is filled with mental illness, that they aren’t alone. Many people these days suffer from of mental illness, and many commit suicide, as quite a few members of Hemingway’s family did.

“Knowing that there’s so much suicide and so much mental illness in my family, I’ve always kind of been ‘running from crazy,’ worried that one day I’d wake up and be in the same position,” Mariel Hemingway, 51, said at a support group for families of suicide, as shown in the film.

Mental illness occurs in very many teenagers and young adults, some of whom do commit suicide. They, the living, fear that they are “freaks” and “abnormal.” Running From Crazy is meant to negate that and hopefully keep another from dying.

“Suicide has no rhyme or reason,” Hemingway said. “Some people think about it for years and plan it. Some people, it’s 20 dark minutes of their life that they decide to take their life that comes out of the blue. It’s very random, it’s very frightening.”

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