Ann Curry Fired: Fingers Point To matt Lauer

Matt Lauer Still Blamed for Ann Curry Departure

Matt Lauer wants Today Show viewers to stop blaming him for the firing of co-anchor Ann Curry more than 18 months ago and sources say that he is interested in arranging a lunch with Curry to help clear the air that her ouster from the popular morning program was not his fault.

Many of Curry’s loyal fans believe to this day that Lauer threw Curry under the bus in order to save his own job at the network, a charge he fiercely denies.

Friends say he is miserable that people on the street actually harass him by throwing verbal tirades at Lauer for how he treated Curry.

Jim Bell, the show’s executive producer, has tried to protect Lauer by setting the record straight that Bell was solely responsible for letting Curry go. But a public lunch attended by the fired Curry and Matt Lauer seems the only way that Lauer can be exonerated in Curry’s departure.

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