Candy Spelling Lawsuit: ‘refuses’ to vacate $28,000 per month condo

Candy Spelling Lawsuit: 'refuses' to vacate $28,000 per month condo
Candy Spelling Lawsuit: ‘refuses’ to vacate $28,000 per month condo
Candy Spelling Sues Posh Condo Developer

The developer of a posh Century City condo development in Los Angeles is being sued by Candy Spelling, who is claiming in her lawsuit that she was promised certain amenities in the ultra-luxurious building where she has designed a two-floor condo that have not materialized. Among the most prominent things missing, says Spelling, is a restaurant in the building which was to have been launched as of January 2013.

Spelling, the widow of mega-millionaire TV producer Aaron Spelling, has reportedly invested as much as $47 million in constructing her new condominium home.

But her lawsuit against the developers of her soon to be completed penthouse condominium aren’t the only ones feeling Mrs. Spelling’s wrath these days.

She has also filed a lawsuit against the owners of The Carlyle Hotel where she has taken up temporary residence at a cost of $28,000 a month, claiming management never fixed heating and air conditioning issues in her unit.

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Candy Spelling Lawsuit Says Condo Developer Never Gave Her The Restaurant She Was Promised

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  1. And we’re suppose to what, feel sorry for her. Promised a restaurant? I’ll cry for her tomorrow when I head for McDonals. Now I know why there was a French Revolution.

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