Eww! Ashlee Simpson makes fan kiss her feet

Alcohol Made Ashlee Simpson Demand Foot Kiss From Fan

If you are going to do something stupid, just make sure that your actions aren’t being captured by anyone’s camera. That’s one of the lessons Ashlee Simpson learned when she visited a McDonald’s restaurant several years ago and demanded that a fan kiss her feet.

Because her alcohol-fueled antics were captured on camera, to this day Simpson has been haunted by her odd behavior and now admits she was simply drunk when it occurred. When a fan ahead of her in the fast food line called her gross, he didn’t realize he was talking to a celebrity.

When the fan realized he had insulted Ashlee Simpson, he then asked if she wouldn’t mind taking a picture together with him.

Simpson retorted that there was a snowball’s chance of that happening since he hadn’t kissed her feet.

Simpson says she has had to live with the embarrassment of that McDonald’s Restaurant visit ever since and says she really grew up a lot since it happened. She said that much of her maturing has had to be done in front of the public’s ever constant scrutiny and it’s made her grow up a much stronger person.

Simpson says she wishes she could have made her mistakes instead during college like most teenagers.

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