Rihanna short hair makover, wins t-shirt battle

vRihanna short hair makover, wins t-shirt battle
Rihanna short hair makover, wins t-shirt battle

Rihanna lops her locks again-whole world stops to look!
Rihanna’s hair dressing decisions are once again, the subject of world- wide discussion. The Barbados born pop star has always made headlines when it comes to fashion and hair. Just two-weeks ago, the star’s grey toned layered, wrap was a hot topic among the media. Well, today she unveiled a newly- cut, short naturally- curly less than ear length hairstyle that seems to be taking her sometime to get used too. According to her, “Still tryna get used to my hurr, so I threw on some #redlipstick #RiRiWoo” she revealed on her instagram account along with pictures of her new-do.

Rihanna is not new to short hair or drastic hair changes so, this new look will probably not be the big deal that many would expect it too. For the majority of her musical career, the star has made waves with her drastic style choices and this haircut is not as drastic as it could be. Arguably, she’s had both shorter and more shocking hair like the pixie cut from her second album and the kool-aid red colored locks of earlier his year and late last, respectively. For now, her hair is the shock of the day.

Rihanna Victorious in Court Case Against T-Shirt Company

Don’t mess with pop artist Rihanna when it comes to using her image to make money. The singer and sometimes girlfriend of rapper Chris Brown brought suit against a company in London that had the audacity to market t-shirts bearing her likeness without her knowledge or consent. This week a British judge ruled in favor of Rihanna, indicating that Topshop retail stores had led customers to believe that the t-shirts they were buying were fashion items actually designed by the popular singing sensation.

The judge also noted that many individuals who purchased the unauthorized t-shirts were duped into believing that they were a fashion item being merchandised with Rihanna’s express permission which was definitely not the case.

Rihanna already has her own authorized line of fashion merchandise for sale at a Topshop competitor. When Rihanna first got news that Topshop was marketing a Rihanna Tank featuring her image, she filed a formal complaint and then ultimately a lawsuit when Topshop officials refused to cease and desist. Although no financial damages were announced in the judge’s ruling, officials at Topshop report that they are very disappointed that the ruling favored Rihanna but have yet to make a decision on whether they will appeal.

Rihanna wins t-shirt battle
Rihanna wins t-shirt battle

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Rihanna Wins Topshop Court Case Over T-Shirt Bearing Her Likeness