Taylor Swift Fears Getting Arrested

Taylor Swift Fears Getting Arrested
Taylor Swift Fears Getting Arrested
Taylor Swifts Fears Include Getting Arrested

Country music legend Taylor Swift was recently interviewed by Marie Claire Magazine and given a questionnaire regarding the things she fears the most. Making the list at #5 was getting arrested. Now, naturally for the lovely and talented Swift, who exudes virtue and healthy living, getting arrested would be shocking.

However, based on the other items making a higher priority on her list, it may be that getting arrested isn’t keeping her up at night. Other items which cause the slender singer fear are (by order of priority): sea urchins, searching for her name via google, earwigs, and cynics.

On the other hand, Justin Bieber’s prank wherein he coaxed Swift into setting off fireworks from a hotel balcony and then convinced her she set a sea vessel ablaze show that she may indeed have a fear of incarceration. Swift admits that she has recurring nightmares about being taken into custody.

She also says that she isn’t impervious to criticism. Reading negative things about herself does hurt her sensibilities which is why she fears cynics. Swift also says that she will find a way to get her college education. As for regrets, she wryly commented that all of her regrets have produced songs she’s proud to have written.

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