‘Lucky 7’ Canceled: Fall Show Only Got Two Episodes

'Lucky 7' Canceled: Fall Show Only Got Two Episodes
‘Lucky 7’ Canceled: Fall Show Only Got Two Episodes
First Casualty of the Fall Sweeps: “Lucky Seven” Goes L7

Sometimes TV network executives can fail to see the value in a television show and cancel it prematurely despite a loyal fan base. Such was the case with the short lived series “Firefly” which went on to gain cult status and remains a popular series on Netflix. Such won’t be the case for ABC’s hour-long drama about seven gas station employees who faithfully play the state lottery and finally win it achieving wealth untold and its concomitant woes.

“Lucky 7” failed to garner any traction with viewers and was canceled by studio executives after a ratings collapse in the second week. The last episode garnered a .7 viewership in the critical 18-49 demographic which draws the biggest advertising revenue. So the series about luck goes L7 (slang for square, uninteresting) and goes into the scrap heap of forgotten shows.

The concept showed promise and wasn’t as much of a gamble as one might have thought. It is actually an American take on the UK series “The Syndicate” which has been renewed for a third season. For the American version, David Zabel & Jason Richman were the show’s creators. Zabel produced the screenplay for the moderately successful Nicholas Cage film Bangkok Dangerous in 2008. Richman wrote a number of episodes for the successful NBC drama ER during the past decade.

'Lucky 7' Canceled: Fall Show Only Got Two Episodes
‘Lucky 7’ Canceled: Fall Show Only Got Two Episodes

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