Nick Cannon Says Nicki Minaj Is Not Satan

Nicki Minaj outfit Too Hot For TV? (PHOTO)
Nick Cannon Says Nicki Minaj Is Not Satan
Cannon fires Minaj is not Carey’s American Idol Satan

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Nick Cannon states his opinion of what his wife, Mariah Carey, truly meant by her comment heard around the world. Carey, in an interview this week, stated that working on American Idol was like “working in hell with Satan.” Discussing his wife’s comments made up close to 30% of the entire interview.

The general public opinion is that Carey was referring to Niki Minaj as the purple haired devil herself. However, Nick Cannon denies this accusation saying Carey meant the situation in general and not a specific person adding “If my wife wanted to call [Niki Minaj] Satan she would have said that. She has no problem, like me, [saying] how she feels!”

Carey sparked rumors she was calling Minaj Satan during a radio interview Tuesday on Hot 97.

“Honestly, I hated it,” she said. “Honestly, I thought it was going to be a three-person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment and I was like, ‘OK … Randy Jackson will be there’ — you know he used to play bass for me — ‘This isn’t a big deal, this will be nothing.'”

Cannon maintains that the situation Carey was describing was with American Idol saying one thing and doing another Billy Bush, from access Hollywood, brought up rumors that Carey was under the impression she would be the only female judge and then was not happy about the show adding the fourth judge. Cannon also agrees with Billy Bush that a good reason Minaj has not responded to the comment is because she knows that Carey’s comment was not about her specifically.

American Idol returns in January.

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Nick Cannon Says nicki minaj Is Not Satan

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One thought on “Nick Cannon Says Nicki Minaj Is Not Satan

  1. I cannot believe all the Mariah hate. The woman is a legend with a 20+ year career. I think she’s had more #1s than The Beatles, the first woman to do so. You think she’s a diva? Aretha Franklin is far, FAR worse! And if you’ve actually worked with opera singers, you will definitely know where the term diva came from! But who cares? They aren’t bullies or abusive a la Naomi Campbell. It’s just exasperating I guess. They are amazing vocalists and interpreters of song.

    Where will Minaj be in 10 yrs? In 5 yrs,? She’s a flash in the pan and will join the fates of Tweet, Charlie Baltimore, Remy Ma, Trina, Foxxy Brown who knows how many others that were hot for 2 years with maybe 2 or 3 hits the most and were forgotten about.

    Didn’t Nicki Minaj threaten Mariah’s life and her family? Yet Mariah’s being villified?

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